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FP Markets Review 2022: Is it safe or a scam?

VPS hosting for automated trading solutions, the MT4 Myfxbook service for copy trading, and the MT4 MAM/PAMM module for retail account management are just a few value-added services that FP Markets provides. The most significant advance of FP Markets’ internal social trading service made it conscious of the rise in demand from retail traders for this trading area. Investment in social trading is a wise management choice and shows a flexible broker looking to provide the best services to customers.

Are FP Markets safe?

Yes, It is safe. Markets is a highly secure broker. They are very open and have several protections to secure your money.

This includes being governed by ASIC and CySEC, which take several precautions to protect you as a trader. Negative balance protection and the use of separate accounts are examples of this.

Is my money safe with FP Markets?

Any funds added by traders to their FP Markets accounts are kept in a separate bank account. To increase security, Tier-1 banks are used by FP Markets in this. The standard metric for evaluating a bank’s financial health and strength is Tier 1.

Why should FP Markets use Tier 1 banks? What are they?

Regarding customer capital, a Tier 1 bank is regarded as the safest and most secure. The phrase “tier 1” refers to a bank’s financial stability.

What does it suggest when your money is put in a Tier 1 bank through FP Markets?

Any funds you deposit with FP Markets are maintained in a bank with sufficient money to handle your withdrawal requests, even if FP Markets is forced to close its doors for some reason. As a result, we can confidently say that FP Markets is safe and reasonably secure.

Please keep in mind, though, that trading in financial assets carries some risk. Accounts may face losses due to insufficient market research, a lack of expertise, or a failure to use the brokerage platform’s resources. Losing money quickly while trading in financial investments owing to trading Forex or CFDs is not unusual.

Only engage in trading when you know there is always a chance that your invested money could be lost due to market volatility. Losses may exceed deposits is another statement that FP Markets makes very clear on their platform. Now that we’ve clarified a few critical issues with FP Markets. Let’s look more in-depth at the FP Markets’ attributes.

When using FP Markets which is one of the best forex trading platforms for beginners consider setting up two accounts. The first is your genuine account with real money, and the second is your practice account. Your test account is the demo account. When you trade with FP Markets, your money is protected by several precautions that have been put in place. This comes with typical negative balance protection. You can only lose what you have deposited with the broker.

Furthermore, your money will be kept in separate accounts with reputable banks. This means your money would be entirely safe and unharmed even if the business filed for bankruptcy or became insolvent. The ICF further protects you if you are an EU trader. If something happens to your money, this insurance fund will make up to 20.000€ in compensation.


In fact, FP Markets is one of the best forex trading platforms for beginners and has garnered a staggering number of awards from its peers is another fantastic feature. At the moment, they have 36 awards under their belt.

This includes awards for things like “best customer service,” “most satisfied traders,” and most recently, “Best Forex Value Broker 2020,” which they have repeatedly received.

The FP Markets offer daily research and trading ideas in a professional format. One of the twelve plug-ins for MT4 is the streaming news service, which gives traders an applicable service linked with the trading platform.


FP Markets is one of the best international trading platforms. It is a trustworthy and dependable broker, easily adaptable for Forex traders who want to trade using a modernized MT4 trading platform in a competitive commission-based environment. The procedures and withdrawal possibilities continue to be the best.

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