FoxVolt Review: Best Light Bulb Camera 2022

FoxVolt Reviews

When someone has been spending more time away from home and family, whether it is for vacations or daily commutes, there has always been a worry that who is going to look after the house or a family. To be free from these worries a solution is needed and i.e. to keep monitoring them from wherever with the help of a camera. Here are some reasons mentioned why a camera is the need of the current time. Get FoxVolt For The Most Discounted Price

What is FoxVolt Light Bulb Camera?

FoxVolt Light bulb camera is the best indoor security camera. It is tiny and compact. It’s only around three inches tall, but it has a 115-degree horizontal and 60-degree vertical field of vision, which is sufficient for keeping an eye on a room. Get The Best Light Bulb Camera of 2022 Here

How does the Foxvolt Light bulb camera work?

People can use it to monitor the behavior of anybody from their bedroom. It also includes a feature of two-way communication and an alert. They can keep a check and see if they left the garage door open. Moreover, it is compact, functional, and not too prominent, with a quite wide vision.

What is the need for FoxVolt Lightbulb camera?

  • There is a no bigger source of anxiety for a parent than not being present at home when their child is present. Even if a child is being cared for by a nanny, older brother, sisters, or relatives, the fear remains. There’s no substitute except for placing a camera in your house and keeping an eye on things and ensuring that everyone and everything is okay.
  • Although a house might not be protected by a security camera if there has been a robbery in someone’s house, then he would get to know about the robbers. Who wouldn’t be upset if a stranger entered their home, stole valuables, and mistreated their most prized possessions? However, knowing that even if the camera didn’t prevent the burglary from happening, the footage captured by the camera could identify the offenders and play a role in bringing them to justice.
  • Having your pets alone in the house can also be watched remotely. You may keep track of what they’re doing during the day, observe their behavior, and determine if they’re upset for whatever reason. Knowing that a person can keep an eye on their best buddy at all times of the day, from wherever they are, can provide a lot of comforts.


The benefits of the FoxVolt Lightbulb camera are mentioned below:

  • Notification: If an irregularity is detected, a notice will be delivered to the mobile APP instantly.
  • Local video storage: Because the camera can be plugged into a TF card and the footage is saved locally, there’s no need to be concerned about privacy being compromised.
  • Bulb camera: This device can be used as a surveillance camera or as a regular light bulb. The camera hidden inside the light bulb is difficult to locate.
  • Infrared night vision with a high definition: Built-in infrared lighting and extremely sensitive light components adjust between day and night mode automatically, allowing for high-definition picture quality in low-light situations.
  • Monitor: It can be used to monitor the security of a home, a shop, a baby, a pet, or an office.


Some amazing features of FoxVolt Lightbulb camera are:

  • 1G video per hour
  • AAP operating system: IOS/Android Resolution: 1280*960
  • Support for mobile APP video playback
  • Watch on multiple phones at the same time: four phones are supported.
  • White light lighting is available in two modes: automatic and manual.
  • AK3918EV200 is the main control CPU.
  • 360-degree viewing angle
  • H264 video encoding
  • Maximum support with an external expansion card 64G
  • Follow the phone when it comes to app language.
  • Time spent recording: 10 minutes per section
  • Mobile/Sound Alarm: Mobile screenshot push notification is supported.
  • None of the items are waterproof.
  • Night vision effective distance: 5-10M AP hotspot connection: support


Customers can buy this product from the official website in the following prices and discounts:

  • Get one for $59.99.
  • Get two for $107.98 and save up to $53.99.
  • Get five for $209.97 and save up to $389.94.

The customer also has a 14-day money-back guarantee if he is not satisfied with it.

Final Verdict:

However, a good security camera will help people feel more relaxed and comfortable. However, with so many options available, picking which one to buy could be difficult. To help someone with this choice, there came up with a FoxVolt Lightbulb Camera. Visit Official FoxVolt Website Here

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