FoxData, Your Ultimate Mobile App Analysis Tool & Data-driven Marketing Solution!

FoxData, Your Ultimate Mobile App Analysis Tool & Data-driven Marketing Solution!

Who Are We?

FREE mobile app/game data analysis tool to help your decision-making. 

INTEGRATED marketing solutions to boost your business. Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Game Publishing, Design & creatives, and ASO Services… All you need to explore more possibilities for your business!

FoxData is committed to learning about your current situation and your desired future state. Clear and open about our skills and knowledge, enabling us to create a personalized roadmap for your specific destination.

Why Should Us?

Mobile App Analytics: 

Whether you are an app developer, app operator, or app marketer, our analysis tool has got you covered. You can find premium bits of intelligence and reliable data support about the Google Play & iOS app market. 

l Market Intelligence

Utilize actionable market intelligence to stay informed on crucial metrics and growth trends, analyzing the strategies of top-ranked apps in your niche. Gain comprehensive global market analysis, identify emerging trends, and monitor segment performance, accelerating valuable insights into the broader app economy. 

l AD Intelligence

Transform insights into actionable steps to enhance your paid traffic acquisition, simplify complex data, and access a unified view of ASA campaign performance. Delve deep into the advertising strategies of top competing apps in your industry, maximizing the efficacy of your ad campaigns. 

l ASO Intelligence

Enhance your app’s visibility and user acquisition efforts. From keyword discovery to ongoing tracking, Appranking offers an array of tools to support your efforts. Effortlessly monitor your competitors’ traffic performance and keyword distribution in real time, unveiling their targeting strategies. 

Apple Search Ads:

An integrated platform for managing Apple Search Ads campaigns, boosting your app’s user acquisition through streamlined Apple Search Ads strategies.

l Ads Manager: Establish and manage your Apple Search Ads campaigns.

l Automation Rules: Automate optimizations according to your preferences.

l Keywords Planner: Discover high-quality keywords across various dimensions.

l Smart Campaign: Efficiently generate Apple Search Ads campaigns tailored to your preferences.

l Attribution Partner: Integrate Apple Search Ads data and in-app events from MMP.

l Bulk Operation: Execute batch operations to streamline tasks and save time. 

Digital Marketing

FoxData is proficient in devising, implementing, and evaluating effective digital marketing campaigns. We offer cross-channel advertising services to promote your websites or apps online.

For website promotion, we provide the following channels:

Paid Search Ads on Google, Bing, and Yahoo, enable you to anticipate and meet the needs of your potential customers by delivering highly contextual ads.

Paid Social Ads on Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram, allowing you to reach specific target audiences through advanced targeting features across various social media platforms.

Video Ads on Youtube and Tiktok, engaging potential customers effectively and driving conversions.

For app promotion, we support the following channels:

Apple Search Ads, Facebook, and Google, help you to maximize the visibility and acquisition of your app. 

Content Marketing

Our robust Content Marketing tool is designed to generate and distribute compelling content for your business, ensuring your relevance within your target audience. This initiative ultimately enhances your brand awareness and drives an increase in leads and sales. 

l Content Writing Service

FoxData offers expert blog and article writing services, delivering highly personalized content to fuel your content marketing efforts. Additionally, we have integrated AI-powered tools to facilitate idea generation, brief creation, collaboration, and more.

l Social Marketing Service

Our proficient team can assist you with social media strategy development, business page establishment, and performance tracking, ultimately fostering customer engagement and fostering a sense of community around your brand.

l SEO Service

Whether you seek to bridge gaps or prefer an all-in-one solution, our customizable search engine optimization services can effectively relieve the pressure on your end, delivering a comprehensive strategy to dominate search results. 

Design & Creatives

FoxData is dedicated to bringing your concepts to fruition swiftly and reliably.

l Web Design

Our team provides innovative web design services tailored to reflect the unique personality and requirements of your website. With a team of highly skilled specialists, we engage in brainstorming ideas to help you achieve your desired goals.

l Creative Design

Whether it’s for mobile searches, social media, or other channels, we specialize in creating captivating visuals that command attention and drive conversions. We craft creatives that are not only visually stunning but also effectively engage your target audience.

Game publishing

Expand your game’s online presence and systematically execute product promotion strategies with comprehensive support and continuous feedback to reach a broad and diverse audience. Allow your team to focus on the bigger picture while we handle the details and intricacies of the process.

Join Us

Welcome to the world of endless possibilities with FoxData, your ultimate destination for all digital marketing requirements. We are dedicated to making your digital marketing journey seamless, successful, and fulfilling!

Prepare to embark on an exciting journey with our brand new, comprehensive, and professional one-stop service, FoxData!

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