Four Ways to Convert PDF to JPG Images Free Cross Platforms [Online & Offline]

There is a high chance that you need to convert your PDF to JPG under such circumstances:

  • Apply one page of a PDF file into your report, it could be a data excel or just a picture
  • Upload PDF to some websites but get warning that only JPG format is accepted
  • Need to display PDFs on web but only JPG or PNG can do it 

So how can we convert PDF to JPG? Luckily, loads of PDF to JPG converters emerges to help you convert PDFs to high-quality JPG images within seconds as the times requires. This article will looks at four of the most popular PDF converters on the market now to allow you to turn PDF to JPG image online or offline.

Part 1. How to Convert PDF to JPG Online

If you don’t need to deals with amounts of PDFs in your daily life but occasionally or you don’t want to install new software on your computer for occupying storage, and then you choose online PDF to JPG converter which you can access to easily using your browser.

  • ONEPDF – One of Best Online PDF Converters 

ONEPDF is a light web-based PDF converters working smoothly on any device. It allows to convert PDF to image file formats including JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIF, TIFF, WEBP and GIF in a high quality. Other formats are also supported, such as PPT, Word and even Excel files online. It also enable you to scan a document and convert it to a editable texts with its OCR function.

ONEPDF promises to protect users’ privacy and will not ever store any private data of users, so you can use it without worrying about data leakage.


  • Friendly and well polished UI design
  • Easy to use and no registration needed
  • Supports converting to PDF and from PDF
  • Supports CAD Files to PDFs
  • Processes loaded file fast

Steps to Convert PDF to JPG via ONEPDF

Step 1. Go to open ONEPDF PDF to JPG Converter, and then choose “Select PDF file” to locate the PDF file that you need on your device and then upload it to ONEPDF.


Step 2. When your PDF file is uploaded successfully, you will see the page displayed below. Double check the displayed PDF and once confirmed, you can click “Convert to JPG” to start converting.


Step 3. Once you click the “Convert to JPG” button, the ONEPDF will automatically start converting. The processing time of conversion varies depending on the size of PDF file, but most only take a few seconds. So please be a little patient.


 Step 4. Now your PDF file has been successfully converted to JPG file. Right click the “Download File” button and locate a place to save it. 


2. DocFly – A Quick PDF Converter

DocFly is also an online PDF converter. It is equipped with the abilities to convert PDF to Word and images. Image file types include JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF and BMP. Document file types like Word, Excel, PPT are also supported to be converted to PDF. You might have noticed that it can not convert PDF to Excel and PPT. Only a pity is that It’s a bit slow to load PDF files.


  • Supports multiple formats to convert to and from
  • Supports batch files to be converted at the the same time
  • Allows you to upload files from computer and cloud services
  • Puts security first

Steps to Convert PDF to JPG via DocFly

Step 1. Access DocFly dashboard using your web browser, like chrome. And tap on the “New File” button on the top left to upload a file. Here you can directly upload the PDF to be converted. When uploading is finished, the uploaded file will be displayed under the column of Filename.


Step 2. Select the uploaded PDF file by ticking it.And next, tap Convert, and then you will see a drop-down list with multiple converting options. Cause we want to convert PDF to JPG, so here we need to choose PDF to Image.


 Step 3. Varied file types are supported here, for our case, choose JPEG. Click on “Convert to Image” to begin converting.


Step 4. Now the PDF file has successfully turned to the JPG file. The new JPF file is displayed together with the original PDF file. You can choose to export it by downloading it to your device. 


Part 2. How to Change PDF to JPG Offline

In this part, we will introduce two PDF to JPG converters but tailed to people who prefer a third-party software installed on computer. With a PDF converter installed on computer, you can still use it to convert PDFs or other files to JPG even there is no internet connection then.


  • Adobe Acrobat DC – One of the most professional PDF converters

Adobe Acrobat DC is widely recognized as the best PDF converter software. Not to mention converting PDF to JPG, PNG or Excel, Adobe Acrobat DC has more advanced functions. It lets you edit, create and sign PDFs in a quick way. Adding annotations, watermarks can also be achieved. By the way, it provides different subscription plans to meet users’ different needs, really considerable.


  • A Powerful PDF editor
  • Quickly converts PDF to JPG
  • Customer service is outstanding
  • Works well cross desktop (Both Windows and Mac), mobile and web

Steps to Convert PDF to JPG via Adobe Acrobat DC Software

Step 1. Install and launch Adobe Acrobat DC on your computer. Then open the PDF in Adobe DC and go to Tools and choose Export PDF from the panel.


Step 2. Adobe Acrobat DC shows all the export formats it supports. Here just choose Image as your export format. And suddenly a new window will pop up named Save As JPEF Settings allowing you to set parameters, like grayscale, colors and more. You can set as you want. When setting are done, tap OK to save the settings, and then tap Export.parameter


Step 3. A Save As dialogue box appears. Just select a location on your computer where you would like to save the new JPG file. Finally, tap Save to finish this conversion.



2. Wondershare PDFelement – Best for Converting PDF to JPG

PDFelement is a powerful PDF converter compatible for Windows 10, 8, 7, and Mac. It can work as PDF converter and PDF editor. Basic conversion features, like converting PDF to other formats or from other formats to PDF, are certainly supported. PDFelement comes with more functions allowing you to do more performances on your documents. You can combine & split PDFs, compress PDFs, organize & reorganize PDFs and more PDF editing.


  • More than a PDF to JPG converter
  • Converts PDFs to JPG across different platforms
  • All-in-one PDF solution 
  • Quick and high-quality conversion, even a big size file
  • Supports more advanced PDF editing, such as OCR

Steps to Convert PDF to JPG via PDFelement

Step 1. After successfully installing PDFelement software on your computer, directly launch it by double clicking on it. Tap Open Files to import the PDF file into PDFelement.


Step 2. Navigate to Convert on the top menu, and choose To image from the second tool bar.


Step 3. You will be leaded to Save As page, head to Save as type and choose JPG from its drop-down list. Only three steps needed to quickly convert a PDF file to JPG file with PDFelement.



Question 1. Is there any difference between JPEG vs. JPG?

The answers is no. There are no difference between them. Both refer to the same image type. They just use different abbreviations for old versions of Windows operating systems limit file names to 3 letters long or less. However, MacOS does not have such limitation.

Question 2. Can I Convert PDF to JPG on My Mobile?

Of course, you can. With ONEPDF, you can also convert PDFs to JPG, PNG and Word easily on your mobile even on the go. Just follow the steps we mentioned in first part about ONEPDF in this article, but open the ONEPDF PDF to JPG Converter using your mobile browser here. Have a try now.


In this post, we list four of most representative PDF to JPG converters providing online or offline solution to convert PDFs with features and how-to instructions and what is left is which one you pick. If you want to use the PDF converter installed on your computer, then you can choose PDFelement and Adobe Acrobat DC. If you prefer an online converter for a quick start, ONEPDF and DocFly could be your options.

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