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Four Things to Know Before Promoting Your Business at a Large Event


Networking events and open seminars are fantastic for promoting your business and increasing the awareness of your brand, especially amongst other competitors in the same proverbial field.

If you’re considering taking your business to a large networking day or other similar events, then you’ve certainly clicked on the right article. Continue reading to learn about four things you need to know before promoting your business at a large corporate event.

1. Choose Members of Staff Carefully

Your employees within your business and across each and every different department will bring different skill sets and areas of expertise to your company and presumably as the manager, you place certain members of your team to suit.

When it comes to choosing who’ll accompany you on your ‘away day’ to promote your business, make sure you choose people who are confident and approachable, have stamina and have a full understanding of your business.

2. Invest in Quality Signage

Naturally, to you and your employees, your business automatically stands out from the crowd and eyes will automatically be drawn to your stall or set-up.

However, imagine for a second that you’re one of a thousand or more delegates or event attendees and think about what would make you stop to take a closer look to see what a stall is offering. Banner Finishing & Hemming – Your Options Explained will give you a clearer idea of how to ensure your business is the one that sticks in the minds of as many attendees as possible.

3. Stop With the Hard-Sell!

It would also be incredibly pertinent to point out that, during the entirety of the approaching networking event, this is completely different from a sales pitch and shouldn’t be treated as such in any way.

Instead, even though the fundamental aim and proverbial bottom line are to make as many of the delegates attending aware of your company as possible, instead of rushing to give the same old spiel to every person who expresses even a passing interest, you should aim to be far more natural.

Try to be as clear and transparent as possible with each delegate and if they do ask you a question and either you don’t know the answer, or the answer isn’t exactly what they’re looking for, it’s far better, to be honest, and open.

4. Bring Props!

Even if the business that you’re in charge of is one which provides a service, rather than a physical product, you should still bring along props and even freebies to the event.

One idea, which is substantially more affordable than you may first think, especially if you buy in bulk, is to contact a professional company that can produce one or more types of merchandise which you can hand out to interested attendees. This way, you still have a physical product which you can use to interact with potentially interested parties and they have a way of remembering your company long after the event has ended.

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