Four Reasons to Trade Cryptocurrencies Over Stocks

Cryptocurrencies Over Stocks

The concept of cryptocurrencies and digital assets is undoubtedly a monumental leap towards the future of finance. Leading digital assets like Bitcoin continue to shake up the establishment and genuinely represent a financial revolution.

Characterized by decentralization and encryption, cryptocurrencies double up as legit investments. Following sharp price upticks in the past few years, the once fringe crypto space now has a massive following thanks, in part, to their distinct features that differentiate them from traditional assets like bonds and stocks.

So, why exactly should one delve into crypto and not trade traditional assets? It could be the excitement and experimentation for some, but to many, here are four reasons why most traders prefer to trade cryptocurrencies from a responsive multi-asset platform like CryptoAltum:

1) Volatility

In financial terms, volatility is the rate at which the price of an asset rises or falls. Well, digital assets, considering how new they are, remain quite volatile.

An asset’s volatility largely depends on its liquidity, and the latter being a factor of participation.

Still, volatility is a great draw for traders. It explains why traders from all over the globe swarm this sector, registering accounts with reliable crypto trading platforms like CryptoAltum as they angle to make money.

Rapid intraday price movements present opportunities for traders who can apply leverage and stand to make more than they would in spot cryptocurrency exchanges.

2) Trading 24/7

Typically, traders employ different strategies before posting their orders.

However, what’s interesting within crypto circles is the opportunity to trade every day of the week without holidays or weekends. This is because platforms like Bitcoin or Dash are operated by nodes which are distributed all over the world with no centralized control or government interference.

As long as they are powered and connected to the internet, these computers will continue funneling computing power to their respective network and process transactions cheaply, transparently, and securely without a middle man.

With compensations, their assets are therefore released to the secondary market each and every day. As such, traders can execute traders anywhere, every time they feel like from an equally reliable and robust trading platform like CryptoAltum.

To meet traders’ demand, CryptoAltum accepts cryptocurrency deposits meaning regardless of time frame, a trader can move funds to his/her secure wallet and begin trading crypto-to-crypto, or crypto-to-fiat pairs even during weeks or holidays.

All this is without inconveniencing restrictions on the amount of funds required to participate.

3) Few Rules and Fast Account Registration

With decentralization and security comes the issue of privacy and anonymity tagged by blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

For privacy’s sake, creating an account with CryptoAltum is not only fast but also not intrusive as Know-Your-Customer (KYC) or Anti-Money Laundering (AML) disclosure is not applied.

All this is possible because instead of demanding personal details like your bank account number, driver’s license, or national identity card, all that is needed to begin trading is but a working email and full names.

These two give you the pass to the world of limitless possibilities where over 60 crypto pairs are availed for all cadre of traders once they deposit funds.

Besides, CryptoAltum provides a free Demo account with virtual money. This tool enables them to fine-tune their strategies and learn the ropes of trading. With that knowledge, you can then trade from a live trading account denominated in cryptocurrencies.

4) Improved Liquidity

Liquidity is the ease of converting a digital asset to cash without impacting its market price. In trading, and with an example of the BTC/USD pair, it is the ease of converting BTC to USD.

The faster it is, the deeper the liquidity. However, this doesn’t come by itself. It is meticulously built. Your select trading platform makes this possible. Ideally, a liquid platform will allow you to trade offered digital assets easily and without significant price differences between buying and selling rates.

CryptoAltum has gone to great lengths to ensure high liquidity in all supported pairs. Pricing is aggregated from over 10 of the worlds leading exchanges, ensuring top pricing is passed onto all clients.

The result is tight spreads, low fees, and zero commissions without hidden charges in all their tradable pairs.

Trading crypto is now simple, fast, and done from a reliable and very liquid platform.

Register today and start trading from CryptoAltum.

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