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Founder Spotlight: Pier Stabilini

Meet Pier Stabilini, the Chief Technology Officer of Rebus Chain

Introducing Pier Stabilini, the Founder and CTO of Rebus Chain! With over thirty years of experience in the IT industry, Pier founded Rebus alongside Nicola Onassis, looking to allow seamless TradFi investment into DeFi. Working as a blockchain architect for several years, get to know the brain behind Rebus.

Q1: Please tell us a bit about yourself and your background.

I have been working in the IT sector for more than 30 years and began developing and designing legacy standalone applications ranging from PLC applications to back office applications. I was truly fascinated by my early experiences with FidoNet and with dial-up modems. After the internet was broadly accessible, what fascinated me the most were the networking protocols. Once given the opportunity, I moved into designing and developing networking applications in the financial sector using my data analysis skills. On top of this, I have created various video conferencing and streaming applications for the entertainment industry. 

Q2: What was your inspiration for Rebus? 

My inspiration for Rebus came after working with Paolo Baroni on a blockchain application on Ethereum involving smart contracts and financial derivatives. Paolo is well-versed in traditional financial investment tools, which made him a perfect fit for the team.

Q3: Coming from a more traditional software and IT background, what made you jump into the crypto-sphere?

As I said, the networking protocols were, and are for me, one of the most important pieces of technology around.

I joined the crypto space back in 2016. I was working on an audio conference application, and was researching use cases for applicable p2p protocols and cryptography. Since then, I’ve been involved in several blockchain projects, leading to my most current project, Rebus.

To me, blockchain is a complete stack of technologies that together form the backbone of a new generation of applications.

Q4: Why did you choose to build Rebus within the Cosmos ecosystem?

The features the Cosmos SDK provides are really what can make Rebus great. The Cosmos ecosystem is a major advancement in blockchain technology that enables projects like ours the flexibility to deliver long-term value to the entire user base rather than focusing on short-term ROI like many projects we see today.

“There’s so much room and design space for applications that aren’t focused on maximizing profit but on creating value for users.”

– Bill Rennekamp, Cosmos Hub Lead

Bill is completely true and that’s exactly what the Rebus platform is about, creating value for individuals and the wider Cosmos ecosystem. We know the potential of Rebus so paired with an ecosystem with equal potential is a recipe for success.

The IBC and ICA concepts are not only powerful but extremely useful for Rebus, and the blockchain world in general. On top of this, the Cosmos SDK is a complete and professional framework. What we mean is that there are other frameworks that don’t have the user base or development community that we need to meet our business needs. We feel that we can trust the long-term viability of this SDK, more than compared to newer, less developed options. 

Q5: Where do you see Rebus going in the next three years?

I see Rebus opening up new avenues for TradFi investment into the Cosmos ecosystem, which will not only benefit us but also all the applications and app chains within Cosmos. Our mission is simple, to make it easier for all people to invest in and utilize crypto assets. I see Rebus being at the forefront of crypto hyper-adoption, as we saw with the internet in the late 90s.

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