Fostering the Power of Individual in the Investment World: Interview with Piotr Barbachowski – CEO of the World’s First DeVC Lucrosus Capital

Peter Barbachowski

Over time, the inaccessibility to individual investors grew out to be a predominant concern casting a dark shadow on capital investment. While the capital markets are full of crowd-sourcing mechanisms, the value of individual contributions has been eroded. Instead giving the small but influential community of institutional investors the power of setting rules on the market ground. 

Decentralization is a booming trend. This is an attempt to take a step outside traditional finance and explore the world of opportunities opened through the absence of constraints centralized institutions are well-known to impose. Now, when the individual regains the force of decision-making and the power of exercising personal influence, finance steps up on the whole new level of engagement.

This is clearly demonstrated through Lucrosus Capital, a form of the industry-forerunning Decentralized Venture Capital (DeVC) in a gamified form. It purports to give back the reins of control into the hands of the individual – one after one amassing for the significant contribution in the blockchain sector. The power of this method has already proved viable, as demonstrated by the gripping success of the Decentralized Finance – and even more growth prospects lying ahead in 2022. 

In order to secure the success of this ambitious enterprise, Lucrosus Capital resorted to the help of its utility token, $LUCA. This asset is aimed to provide a gateway into finance for all individual investors. It enables them to participate in the Shared Allocation Program through which the community can partake in the allocation of other tokens Lucrosus Capital put their stake in. Another notable feature is Buy-back Program, which will be focusing on retrieving the token back from the open market and thus, consistently pushing the $LUCA price upwards.

Fascinated with the progress Lucrosus Capital brings to the world of DeFi, I approached Piotr Barbachowski, the CEO of the world’s first DeVC for an interview. 

Let us start with the question: what brought you into the field of capital investment, and which of your previous experiences enabled you to quickly achieve success with Lucrosus Capital?

I have been involved in the cryptocurrency market for more than 5 years from the mining and investing side, so I had the time to explore all the ins and outs of the crypto market.  Nevertheless, the most valuable experience I gained is contribution as core team member of blockchain projects with valuation over $50 million. Broadly, my activity is related to bringing tokenization, the future of modern finance, into the mainstream. That is the reason I established Lucrosus Capital, the world’s first gamified Decentralized Venture Capital.

If you were to formulate the core proposition of Lucrosus Capital, how would it sound?

Providing individual investors with institutional opportunities through our $LUCA token. Lucrosus Capital’s goal is to redefine the concept of investing by implementing all of the beneficial blockchain features to venture capital creating Decentralized Venture Capital. This trend offers everyone exposure to projects in early-stage development thanks to the application of tokenization. Tokens allow to make the investment decentralized and give projects the opportunity to get a better start.

I’m highly intrigued with the proposition of the Decentralized Venture Capital (DeVC) fund put forward by Lucrosus Capital. How do its capabilities go beyond the conventional VC we spot in the finance world?

At Lucrosus Capital we believe that blockchain solutions will be the next technological revolution. The potential venture capital investments may be utilized more effectively if they are made available to a wider audience. This will result in greater profitability and improved performance of the sector as a whole. Implementation of tokenization and therefore blockchain advantages allows to make VC investments more transparent. Moreover, tokens may have voting power. Therefore individual investors may have real influence on Lucrosus Capital and make it more decentralized. That is why we call it Decentralized Venture Capital.

Next, you mention that Lucrosus Capital DeVC is a gamified platform. How does it manifest in practice?

This will rely on enriching activities common to investment proceedings through the utilization of game elements. It will allow the long-lasting involvement and sustained motivation of investors, which are favourable for all sides. Gamification in Lucrosus Capital will be applied by introducing the special points system that rewards our investors for different kinds of actions. Examples may be: various activities on our social media, continuous participation in the Shared Allocation Program, persistent staking, or frequently attending direct meetings with developers of cooperating projects.

Also, I’m interested to hear more about the members of the team who made this idea happen. Who are they, and which background are they coming from?

Our core team consists of people experienced in cryptocurrency as well as traditional markets. Our executives were employed in the consulting and banking sector where they dealt with serious challenges in the finance industry. Nevertheless, we were deep in the crypto market for years and we have felt the most comfortable here. Therefore, we decided to join forces and establish Lucrosus Capital. We are also supported by people with decades of business experience. We are talking about priceless knowledge in the field of management, business strategy, finance and law. To sum up – our team has everything you need to succeed.

What are the partnerships Lucrosus Capital managed to secure thus far?

Our first partners are Student Coin and Smart Marketing Token. We cooperate together to conduct a highly successful marketing campaign of our project. Our promoting activities are also supported by Adshares. They have huge experience in marketing and thanks to our cooperation you can find Lucrosus ads even in the metaverse. Thanks to great communication with all of them we are fully secure about our further development and publicity. Our other partner Sekuritance takes care of our security. This cooperation ensures that all our gathered data is safely stored. Our next partner applover provides us with technological support, which can be used as help for projects that Lucrosus decided to invest in. Moreover we have various individual partners from traditional markets which simplify us spreading blockchain solutions.

And now about your token – what are the main properties of $LUCA that distinguish it from other assets in the space?

The Lucrosus Capital’s team does everything in its power to provide investors with the finest and unique $LUCA utilities possible. In the beginning it is worth mentioning the Shared allocation program. Here $LUCA token holders will be able to participate in the special program. According to their tier, they could acquire tokens of projects invested by Lucrosus Capital. As DeVC, Lucrosus will be acquiring tokens of partners at a very favourable price. Therefore, it’s very beneficial for our investors to participate in this program, because they will be allowed to gain tokens on more superior terms than those available on the market. Moreover Lucrosus sets up to conduct regular buy-back programs. Besides, owning a $LUCA token will allow you to have real influence on the operation of Lucrosus Capital. $LUCA holders will be able to decide about the future investments, timing of buybacks and many other activities. Moreover we offer our investors unique access to essential information about projects that Lucrosus Capital has invested in. $LUCA holders can expect highly advanced research documents and One-on-One dedicated meetings with the creators of projects in which Lucrosus Capital invested.

Could you tell us a bit more about the value-generating mechanism of $LUCA? Why is it an alluring bet for investors?

All previously mentioned utilities will attract our investors and have a positive impact on the price movement.  The key product for $LUCA holders will be our Shared Allocation Program, in which a part of each allocation received by Lucrosus Capital will be offered to $LUCA token holders. Users will have the choice to provide their desired allocation via the dedicated platform. Moreover, Lucrosus sets up to conduct regular buy-back programs. A significant part of generated profits will be used to buy back tokens from an open market which will make our token scarcer have a positive impact on the $LUCA token price. Additionally, soon there will be a generous staking program available. Our investors can hedge widespread inflation and earn our tokens. It will increase both their voting power and the size of their allocation.

What’s your strategy for growing the community of individual investors behind Lucrosus Capital? Has it been successful so far?

Our advisors have a large impact here. Through their contacts, we establish relationships with investors in the traditional market who would like to enter the cryptocurrency market and have exposure to the expansion of blockchain technology. Moreover, we benefit from the contact base of our partners and we recommend our relationships with individual investors who want to participate in projects at an early stage of development. Besides that, many investors start contacting us because they have already come across our project and see great potential in us. In conclusion, we are successful in attracting individual investors from different sides.

Finally – what are your plans for the already rolling-out 2022?

In the first quarter of 2022, we are focusing on conducting a successful Public Sale. We are doing everything to enhance our publicity and you will see many articles and videos about us. Right now we are just getting momentum. Of course, at the same time, we are simultaneously developing the technology aspects of our $LUCA token. Staking will be developed the soonest, but at the same time, we are developing utilities such as the Shared Allocation Program, Voting Program, or exclusive research for $LUCA holders. Moreover, our wish is to create something that has never been done before – a fully professional blockchain academy – The Lucrosus Academy – bringing together the best experts in the field, whose panels would be conducted around the world. Such an institution comes with numerous opportunities and benefits not only for beginners but also more for advanced individuals. So I suggest you follow us on our social media and stay tuned for Lucrosus Capital news!

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