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Former Qualcomm Executive Charles Oshunremi joins Stark Drones

Stark Drones is an emerging company that participates in sensory networks, UART communications, and aviation design concepts. We are planning to build one of the most efficient aeronautical vehicles ever created to bring a new age to space exploration and transportation.

The former Qualcomm executive Charles Oshunremi who was responsible for advocating for the technology across Africa on an executive level, will be joining Stark Drones as an advisor and is the Chief Technology Advocate, for Africa & the Indian Ocean. He will be responsible for promoting Stark Drones and lots of its core technologies across all the African regions, including North Africa and being a strategic player in potentially bringing in valuable partnerships.

Post Qualcomm, Charles Oshunremi acted as a General Manager for Africa and Indian Ocean Markets for Xiocomm Wireless, a Richemont/Remgro Investment. Charles adds extensive emerging markets technology portfolio development and management expertise to the Stark Drones team.

Going into 2024, Stark Drones will be heavily focused on disrupting telecom and infrastructure as industries. They want to scale up their CubeSat launch mechanisms and start offering citywide telemetry as a core service offering in 2024. They are also heavily focused on sustainability, environmental engineering, cleantech and various other sectors.

Stark Drones wants to be a startup that is oriented towards disrupting humanity for the better, and including advisors and business developers, they have grown to include 9 people involved in the team. Stark Drones was founded by Andrew Magdy Kamal, a technology enthusiast and researcher who built technologies for various startups and has a prolific research portfolio.

Both 2022 and 2023 were productive years for Stark Drones. Stark Drones has done lots of initial development at least doubling the size of its initial IP portfolio, though its most valuable IP is still what has been granted. Stark Drones also launched soe of its initial hardware through telemetry tests and various citywide test launches in 2022. 2023 was the year where initial testing on its signal compute module started and Stark Drones focused on its various commercial software offerings as well as enterprise solutions.

Stark Drones wants to offer enterprise software to many different organizations centered around connectivity, advanced manufacturing techniques and smart grid development or infrastructure management. A big part of what Stark Drones is developing is an overlying vision of the city of tomorrow looks like, and how to build self-sustaining sovereign cities. Stark Drones sought after coverage in the Africa and Indian Ocean regions and have also sought out coverage from a separate advisor in the regions of Southeast Asia, China, and even Australia. Consulting may really help with the overall arching growth strategy and vision that Stark Drones has in place. Stark Drones also aims to do much more work with its various sub-entities and initiatives.

Throughout 2023, the Stark Drones YouTube channel has grown by over 38,000 subscribers amounting to a total of over 178,000 subscribers respectively. None of this is investment or financial advice. Information is provided “as-is”. Thank you.

Throughout 2023, the Stark Drones YouTube channel has grown by over 38,000 subscribers amounting to a total of over 178,000 subscribers respectively.

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