Forget Rarity or Flipping. Nova-Dox NFTs Provide Real and Guaranteed Income. User Funds Secure with Deribit Partnership

Nova-Dox is a next-generation NFT collection that eliminates asset devaluation risks, especially during market turmoil or bearish scenarios.

Through its powerful trading software and guaranteed profits on investments (up to 50%), Nova-Dox NFTs reshape how NFTs can be used for hedging and passive profit generation.

Powerful In-House Trading Software

Nova-Dox enables higher-than-market profitability through its in-house predictive trading software. Developed by George Vesters, an engineer with over a decade of expertise in statistics, and his team of specialists, the trading software’s second iteration has already proven itself. During the crypto market crash of 2022, Nova-Dox still realized over 30% in profits, even as many major cryptocurrencies, such as ETH, shed 80% of their value. This demonstrates the power of the software, which is solely focused on long positions in the market.

Crypto enthusiasts and traders can take advantage of the Nova-Dox trading software and strategies without even lifting a finger. All they need to do is to head to the Nova-Dox website and use the Profit Calculator to determine how much they can earn based on the initial investment and the lock-in period.

They can then head to the Nova-Dox OpenSea NFT collection and purchase an NFT equivalent to their investment amount (in ETH).

That is all. The users can sit back and relax as Nova-Dox uses its trading software to perform advanced options and futures trading. The platform delivers the original amount and the guaranteed profits at the end of the term.

Since the principal amount and the profits are calculated and delivered in USDT, NFT holders can have peace of mind knowing that even with market fluctuations, their profits are safe from volatility.

And last but not least, Nova-Dox covers all transaction fees, including up to $20 USD of gas fees when a customer buys an NFT. This means that the staking rewards are the true profit for token holders.

Deribit Partnership and Third-Party Auditing

Nova-Dox ensures the safety and security of funds with a triple layer of security. The first is its own tough digital security to protect the Nova-Dox platform and its trading software.

Second, is the Nova-Dox/Deribit partnership. Nova-Dox trades on the derivative crypto exchange Deribit. The partnership has led to an admin-controlled account on the exchange. All withdrawals are manually verified before being sent to a smart contract. The withdrawal address has been hardcoded and it cannot be changed.

Thirdly, Nova-Dox engages another party to audit all of its distributions through the smart contract. This means that any bad actor will need to simultaneously hack into Nova-Dox, Deribit, and the auditing party to take control of funds – a statistical improbability.

The Nova-Dox NFT Collection

Since each Nova-Dox NFT pays out guaranteed profits along with the original investment, the NFT collection differs from others. There is no rarity to speak of.

There are initially 4 NFT collections, 2 or 111 NFTs in the new staking collection with initial 444 NFTs. Two have already completely been sold out. Once all the NFTs from the staking collection have been sold, Nova-Dox will mint new NFTs within the collection. Since there is no rarity involved, Nova-Dox can keep launching new NFTs and collections without any dilution impact.

CEO and Founder George Vesters is an avid animal lover and even has two  dogs sheltered at his home. He aspires to give troubled and abandoned dogs a paradise to live in. As such, 10% of all profits made by Nova-Dox are diverted to creating the perfect living environment for the canines.

Nova-Dox presents a unique opportunity for the crypto community to overcome barriers in advanced trading (options and future) without directly being involved. At the same time, NFT holders can be assured of the committed profits and a sense of elation as they know man’s best friends are being saved by Nova-Dox.

You can check out the Nova-Dox NFT collection on OpenSea and purchase it to begin your passive earning journey.

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