Forex Affiliate Earnings Survey

Forex affiliate earnings survey

Forex affiliate earnings according to the stats, the amount of money spent on online advertising in the United States alone has continuously increased over the past several years.

In addition, it is anticipated that by the year 2022, it will have increased to $8.2 billion. The numbers are more than three times higher than they were ten years ago. During the year 2017, advertisers all over the world invested a total of thirteen billion dollars in affiliate marketing.

The fact that these figures have been steadily climbing demonstrates how well this sector can do business even during outbreaks of pandemics.

In light of this, it is essential to bring to light the fact that, within its first few months of operation, COVID-19 “turned the affiliate marketing business upside down,” as stated by John Lincoln, the co-founder as well as CEO of Ignite Visibility.

Along with amusement and dietary supplements, sales were strong in the health and medical supply industries and related fields. On the other hand, affiliate offers for the gym and certain kinds of educational programs began to vanish.


The biggest drop, though, was in what is known as ad spend, which refers to the total amount of money spent on advertising and promotions. As a direct consequence of this, the performance of the affiliate market reached its peak just one quarter after the epidemic had begun.

According to a poll that was carried out by Rakuten Advertising, throughout the epidemic, 42 percent of affiliate publishers observed an increase in website traffic. That despite the prevailing circumstances, the overall performance has improved by 57% even though it has remained unchanged for another 34% of them and they report that “business as usual” has resumed.

When we take a look at the forex affiliate programs, we notice that the Triennial Central Bank Survey places it in an entirely separate category; specifically, the category of $5 trillion each day. Only the marketplace for foreign exchanges is included here; other markets, such as the market for CFDs, are not included.

As an aside, the total value of the worldwide forex trading community in 2016 was 1.93 quadrillion dollars. To put things into perspective, the gross domestic product of the entire world was less than half of what it is today at the time.

How Do Affiliates in the Forex Market Make Money? can

How exactly do forex affiliates generate money, therefore, if the forex affiliate industry is as profitable as it seems to be? through involvement in several affiliate programs. These are collaboration programs that forex brokers make available to affiliates. The programs stipulate specific conditions that must be met before an affiliate is eligible to get their income and revenue.

Whenever you look at different programs on the internet and find that they all use something called CPA, you may become confused. That is the cost per acquisition, or, to put it another way, the predetermined sum of cash that will be deposited into your account anytime you make a referral that results in a new player making their initial deposit.

Trading foreign currency, also known as forex, is a market that is gaining in popularity and does not suffer from the elitism that is common in other financial markets. Because it is conducted over the internet, those members of this age who are adept with technology can make investments using either their computer or their mobile device.

It should come as no surprise that the affiliate marketing business has evolved into a genuinely worldwide enterprise because so many cultures and nations need to be catered to. Think about the several opportunities that CM trading, an authentic forex platform, ensures to make available to you:

High Customer Value: When it relates to trading forex, a financial report with a balance of $50,000 is considered to be on the low end. As a result, there is a significant potential for the sale of add-ons as well as upsells.

High Commissions: The potential for commissions in this market is bigger than typical, and those involved in forex affiliate programs stand to make commissions of at least 60 percent.

Global Market: Because there are no frontiers in the financial industry, you are able to market forex trading from any location on the planet.

Customers May Remain Loyal for a Longer period If you run a successful forex affiliate marketing campaign, you may be able to keep your customers for the rest of their lives because it is likely that they will continue to trade with the same broker even after they have achieved their financial goals

Accessibility: You can market forex from any location, which means that your earning capacity is only restricted by your creativity.

Promoting foreign exchange gives individuals who have been engaged in the web marketing for some time the opportunity to establish themselves as bona fide industry experts, which can boost their prestige.

Recognition on a Global Scale: The size of this market is well known on a global scale to everyone who has ever engaged in foreign exchange trading or even to those who merely follow current events in the financial world.


Wrapping up all the discussion, being a consistent and competitive forex platform, I suggest you make a fine forex agreement with CMtrading forex affiliate program so that your future version will show gratitude for it.

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