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Force Sensors Market is Projected to Surpass ~US$ 5,286.2 Mn by 2029 | Report by FMI

In 2021, the force sensor market is expected to generate USD 3,448.8 million in revenue. The force sensor market is expected to exceed US$ 5,286.2 Mn by 2029, growing at a CAGR of 5.5% between 2022 and 2029. The force sensor market accounted for approximately 3% of the global sensor market.

Force sensors such as burden cell, capacitive, piezo-resistive, and piezo-electric are widely used in modern applications for monitoring, control, testing, and estimation. The growing acceptance of force sensors in clinical devices is expected to fuel force sensor interest shortly.

A force sensor plays an important role in the modern computerization industry. With the increasing penetration of mechanical technology, there has been an increased acceptance of an integrated small variant of force sensors. The huge acceptance of force sensors for mechanical applications such as deburring, crushing, and boring will continue to represent significant income age in the global force sensor market. The response has also been phenomenal in mechanical clinical frameworks.

Takeaways from the Force Sensor Market Study

  • The automotive and medical and healthcare industries would continue to be major end users of force sensors. These two verticals currently account for nearly 40% of the market.
  • Rising demand for portable medical devices and assist machines for emergency medical treatment is expected to accelerate the adoption of force sensors by the healthcare industry.
  • Paper force sensors developed in-house for musical applications are expected to open up new growth opportunities in the force sensor market.
  • Throughout the forecast period, the capacitive force sensor will continue to lead the force sensor market.

The Medical and Healthcare Industry is Transforming into a Source of Opportunity

The growing emphasis on improving the quality of healthcare services presents significant opportunities for developers of force-sensing technology. Increasing demand for force sensors in various healthcare applications such as infusion pumps, patient weight monitoring systems, physical therapy, surgical staple guns, and oxygen tank monitoring is expected to open up new and profitable opportunities for force sensor manufacturers. Long regulatory approval processes and counterfeit semiconductor components, on the other hand, are major challenges that could stymie the growth of the force sensor market.

Product Innovation Will Remain a Critical Strategy

Key force sensor platform vendors are planning to develop and innovate new products related to intelligent force measuring technology to achieve full global coverage and provide precise global force measurement services.

  • With IO-Link, Haehne GmbH launched intelligent force measuring technology in September 2019. For force measurement 4.0, this IO-Link interface for force tension sensors is used. The HAEHNE IO-Link is a global data interface with intelligent two-way communication for data transmission between plant control systems and field force measurement sensors.

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