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Force Sensors Market Analysis, Driver, Trends, Business Overview | 2029

Force Sensors Market

The force sensor market revenue totaled ~US$ 3,448.8 Mn in 2021. The force sensor market is projected to surpass ~US$ 5,286.2 Mn by 2029, growing at a CAGR of 5.5% from 2022 – 29. The Force sensor market accounted for around 3% of the global sensor market.

The main uses for force sensors, such as load cells, capacitive, piezo-resistive, and piezo-electric, include test and measurement in industrial applications as well as monitoring and control. The demand for force sensors is anticipated to increase in the next years due to the expanding use of force sensors in medical devices.

A force sensor is essential to the field of industrial automation. An integrated small form of force sensors has seen significant usage as the use of robots has grown. The worldwide force sensor market will continue to generate significant revenue due to the widespread use of force sensors in robotic applications such as drilling, deburring, and grinding. The deployment of robotic medical technologies has also been impressive.

Key Takeaways – Force Sensor Market Study

  • Automotive and medical & healthcare industries would remain key end-users of force sensors. These two verticals currently account for a collective market share of nearly 40%.
  • Rising demand for portable medical devices and assist machines for emergency medical treatment is likely to push the adoption of force sensors by the healthcare industry at a higher rate.
  • In-house development of paper force sensors for musical applications is expected to create new growth opportunities in the force sensor market.
  • The capacitive force sensor will continue to lead the way in the force sensor market throughout the projection period.

Medical & Healthcare Industry Turning into a Hub of Opportunity

The increasing focus on enhancing the caliber of healthcare services presents developers of force-sensing technologies with several prospects. Manufacturers in the force sensor market should benefit from the rising demand for force sensors in several healthcare applications, including infusion pumps, patient weight monitoring systems, physical therapy, surgical staple guns, and oxygen tank monitoring. However, lengthy regulatory clearance procedures and fake semiconductor parts are two significant obstacles that might impede the market’s expansion for force sensors.


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