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Be it a celebrity or a common man, one common necessity that every human share is that of food, and to be more precise, good food. Of late food and cooking have been quite popular in the social media culture where more and more home chefs are using the platform to showcase their cooking talent and art. However, the one thing that has successfully sparked the popularity of cooking as art is the various cooking competition shows and the celebrity cooking shows that have been lined up for prime time. One such show that stirred the cooking spirit among youngsters is the dramatic cooking fiasco named “Selena+Chef”.

The popularity of Selena Gomez and the concept of the show is something that caught the attention of the audience. When the world went under a lockdown, the show that was shot via an online meeting platform saw Selena connecting with different Gourmet Chefs and trying to cook their signature dishes along with them. On the one hand, where Selena charmed the audience with her screen presence and her adorable awkwardness across her own kitchen. On the other hand, the audiences were delighted to watch the best chefs cook and reveal the secrets of their signature recipes. The recipes created by Selena Gomez have made the audience want to try their hands on these delicious treats and those who are not quite at ease in the kitchen are diverted to the farm games for free and cook at the online kitchen.

In case you are a Selenator and are impressed to watch Selena cook in her kitchen amidst all the chaos that she managed to stir then why not check out some of her recipes that you can try out. If the kitchen is not your area of convenience then there is always the option for chef games like Star Chef 2 where you can try out those delicious dishes.

French omelet: The very first episode of the cooking show Selena + Chef saw Selena interact with renowned chef Ludo Lefebvre who taught her and the crew of the shoe to cook a perfect french omelet. The recipe of the French omelet requires eggs and butter primarily to create the fluffy delicacy. Chef Ludo further instructed Selena on preparing the perfect souffle and the audience enjoyed watching Selena struggle across her kitchen.

Breakfast Taco: The famous Korean Mexican Chef Roy Choi, who is well known for his tacos, joined Selena to create his famous Korean BBQ short rib breakfast taco. The beef ribs were marinated with salt, sweet, and garlic pieces to add flavor to the ribs, which were then served with a tortilla with eggs, tater tots, and a homemade sauce for the perfect brunch option.

Gumbo: This is specifically a one-pot stew recipe that does not include any fancy chopping or unique cookware to cook and is perfect for beginners to try out. Gumbo requires around 23 ingredients to stir a flavorful stew that has impressed Selena. Chef J J Johnson whipped a delicious seafood gumbo recipe and guided Selena throughout the episode.

Salt and Vinegar Chips: Who doesn’t love chips? They are the perfect munching item and tea-time snack that one can bet upon. Selena’s show saw Chef Curtis teach to cook the perfect chips that require only 10 minutes for preparation and 30 minutes of cooking time. Although chips are everyone’s favorite, making the perfectly baked chips is not that easy with the master guidance of chef Curtis it seems achievable to make chips at home.

Gnocchi with Chicken Meatballs: Chef Daniel Holzman joined the show to help with the recipes created by selena gomez, where he cooked zesty meatballs with delectable gnocchi that can be of great help during the unusual hunger pangs. Selena worked her way through the kitchen to cook and mess around the kitchen to get the perfectly cooked gnocchi.

Cheesy Chicken Tortilla Chip: What came as both a surprise and a special episode for the audience was when Selena was joined by her adorable Nana, who cooked the delicious cheesy chicken tortilla chip which is a simple and easy-to-cook recipe.  This recipe is quick and can be a perfect movie-time snack. Moreover, this particular episode saw the wonderful bonding that Selena shares with her grandfather and was like a peep into her personal life.

Chicken Mole Tacos and Cinnamon Sugar Bunuelos: When chef Marcella Valladolidjoined Selena in the show, the audience got to learn two different dishes, savory and dessert. The chicken mole tacos are made with shredded chicken with authentic Mexican flavors. However, what stole the show was the sugar-coated bunuelos with the flavor of cinnamons.

Final Word:

These seven recipes were some of the most simple and easy to stir that anyone can try their hand on. Moreover, during the lockdown period, these recipes could be easily made as they do not really require a lot of ingredients and are good snacking options that can be devoured with the family. Moreover, this show has also managed to stand against all odds and made use of the available technology to bring something that was both entertaining and knowledgeable for the audience. Thus, you can also try in your kitchen or on any online gaming platform the recipes created by Selena Gomez and impress family and friends.

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