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Food Grade Glue Market Anticipated to Create Considerable Opportunities for Market Players by 2031

Food grade glue or food grade adhesive is used in food production, storage, and preparation tools, supplies, and equipment. Due to their performance, including process ability and compliance, food grade glues are ideal for kitchen goods, packaging applications, production line equipment, and bonding food processing equipment. Food-grade glues are also used to wrap paper, package food, and seal cartons. Changing lifestyles are expected to boost demand for convenience foods, which will in turn boost demand for food-grade glues.

With their rising demand, various segments of the food industry are expected to contribute to the growth of the global food grade glue market. Food grade glues are expected to be in high demand as end-use applications such as packaging, lamination, and coating become more prevalent.

The Food Grade Adhesive Market Benefits from Food Safety and a Healthy Workplace

For both consumers and manufacturers, health, product safety, and sustainability have become critical considerations. Proper food packaging is a major concern these days, and the market for food grade glue is growing as a result. According to recent studies, the demand for food-grade glues has increased.

Food grade glues have a wide range of applications in the food industry, including excellent resistance to chemicals such as oils, boiling water, and many solvents, stream resistance, and proper handling, among others. Strong economic growth, increased consumer awareness of health, and a large population have all contributed to the high demand for food grade adhesives in recent years.

Key Trends in the Global Food Grade Glue Market

The global market for food grade glue has seen a surge in recent years. The market is expected to expand significantly as consumers’ interest in packaged foods grows.

In 2016, Irplast, a major player in the global food-grade glue market, introduced adhesive food-grade tape for fresh produce in response to a demand from the fruit and vegetable industry for a non-toxic and functional band for labelling and packaging specific portions of different produce. The solutions enable manufacturers to label and group together fruit and vegetables such as carrot bunches and bananas, as well as write the producer’s brand and product details on the tape.

Henkel, another market leader, introduced a new food-safe adhesive system for demanding flexible packaging applications in September 2015. Retailers and consumers gained more value and convenience from the new food-safe adhesive system, which also provided long-term benefits by reducing food waste.

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