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Follow the Advice of Arborists for Your and Your Tree’s Safety!

Follow the Advice of Arborists for Your and Your Tree’s Safety!

Planting trees is one thing, and maintaining them is another. The first decision can be the outcome of excitement, but the latter is more about responsibility. Once you grow a tree on your landscape, you must watch its health and care for it. It allows you to manage many factors that can lead to unwanted scenarios. If you have trees in your backyard, here are a few things that any arborist will want you to know and follow. Let’s dig into them at once.

Soil of the tree

If a tree is under stress or dying, inspect its soil or roots for signs. Suppose the ground has become compact or excessively wet. It will affect the thin roots of the trees that absorb water and nutrients. Due to malnutrition, the tree will become infested. Did you notice something there? Professional arboriculture services in Portland can help. They examine the tree from the roots to the top.

Native trees

A tree can heal or protect itself better in a specific environment per its tolerance levels. Since native trees acclimate better with the local soil and climatic conditions, you can plant them instead of something suitable for a different climate. Otherwise, you will need to pay attention to them more to help them grow and survive. 

Tree pruning

There is a way to prune a specific tree species. Only an expert knows these aspects well. They will trim the canopy or remove branches per the basic guidelines provided by the American National Standards Institute.

Tree death

One must realize that one event or incident doesn’t lead to a tree’s death. It tends to be a buildup of continuous stressors that leads to their fatality. Insects and diseases are often secondary reasons. They usually succumb to elements interrupting their growth, such as soil compaction, flood, drought, or physical injury. A struggling tree often releases chemical substances that hint at their deteriorating health. After this, insects and other troubles begin. 


You can plant the same tree species across different corners of the yard without realizing all of them may not suit your tree’s needs. The reason behind this is the existing microclimate. Some areas can be sunnier and warmer, while others tend to be shaded and colder. Please notice these little things to keep your trees in their best health.


Old trees need little water, but prolonged drought can make them thirsty. A soaker hose or drip irrigation technique can help water travel to the deeper roots. Also, keep the soil adequately wet by adding mulch about two inches thick or so.

Like you go for annual checkups, your trees also need timely care to stay healthy. Such routine inspections can detect early signs of damage. For help, contact local arborists. They can look at the tree and say which one is doing okay or demands special attention. You can also ask their advice on choosing new trees for your yard. Of course, they charge a fee for their services. But you can trust them to be fair with their solutions and pricing.

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