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Focus West Logistics Review: The Leading LTL Shipping Canada Service

Focus West Logistics offers services that can be classified based on the time of delivery, the type of delivery, etc.

Focus West Logistics Review: The Leading LTL Shipping Canada Service

Canada has an impressive number of freight shipping companies. A good number of them operate within Canada only. Only a very few operate across the borders and internationally.

Focus West Logistics is one such reputed logistics company based in Canada and North America, which serves across national borders, too. Focus West Logistics delivers shipments of various sizes within and outside Canada.

The company has been operating relentlessly for the past 25 years. Within these years, they have earned countless customers’ trust worldwide. They are also the top player in LTL shipping Canada.

Focus West Logistics

Focus West Logistics is a 100% Canadian-owned and operated logistics company. They focus on delivering goods of any size and kind in and around Canada. The highlight of their services is reliability.

They keep up with the estimated time of delivery perfectly. They have moved about 650,000 shipments as of now. And to date, no complaints regarding the delivery speed or quality have been recorded.

Despite dominating the industry by large numbers, Focus West Logistics is keen on upgrading its performance. They are constantly competing to maintain their quality standards and, thus, are considered the number one in the Canadian logistics industry regardless of any doubt.

Focus West Logistics Services

The services available at Focus West Logistics can be looked upon from two angles. First, based on the time of delivery. Second, based on the type of package involved.

Focus West Logistics Services can be classified into two based on the first criteria.

  1. Standard
  2. Expedited

Standard deliveries will maintain a regular delivery speed and will be delivered within the mentioned duration. Expedited deliveries accept customer’s inputs regarding the delivery time. So, in expedited deliveries, customers can dictate the expected delivery time.

Focus West Logistics services can be classified into many based on the second criterion. They are as follows.

  1. LTL Shipping
  2. FTL Shipping
  3. Specialized Freight
  4. Intermodal or Rail
  5. Ocean and Air
  6. Warehousing

Among these categories, the LTL shipping category is particularly famous for its low delivery time and affordable prices. LTL shipping category services are further divided into four. This division is strictly based on the origin and destination locations of the freight.

The LTL shipping category is divided into the following subcategories.

  • LTL shipping from Canada to the US
  • LTL shipping from the US to Canada
  • LTL shipping across Canada
  • LTL shipping within Canada

Focus West Logistics: Popular Features

1. Instant Free Quote

The instant free quote service available at the official website of Focus West Logistics is one of their most unique features. Customers can submit their freight details on the website for a free quote. The customer will receive the free quote within thirty minutes of submitting the request.

2. Customer Portal

Focus West Logistics maintains a dedicated customer portal exclusively for shipment-related information. The customers can use the portal to track their shipment, BOL, etc.

3. Credit Application

Focus West Logistics also helps customers with their credit services. Customers can open a credit account with the company and enjoy various privileges.





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