Flux Forges Strategic Partnership with Contabo to Enhance FluxNode Hosting

Flux Forges Strategic Partnership with Contabo to Enhance FluxNode Hosting

CAMBRIDGE, UK / December 7, 2023

In a groundbreaking move poised to reshape the landscape of decentralized cloud infrastructure, Flux proudly announces its strategic partnership with Contabo, a distinguished German cloud infrastructure provider. The synergy between Web2 and Web3 providers holds immense potential for advancing the capabilities of FluxNode operators.

FluxCloud, the backbone of Flux’s decentralized network, draws its strength from thousands of independently distributed nodes worldwide. This collective power ensures the seamless functioning of the network, and Flux recognizes the pivotal role played by node operators in this ecosystem.

Dedicated to optimizing the performance of FluxNode operators, Flux has previously partnered with industry leaders, such as Seeed and OVH Cloud. The collaboration with Seeed resulted in the introduction of the groundbreaking plug-and-play FluxNode, while the association with OVH Cloud expanded the spectrum of edge cloud solutions across both Web2 and Web3.

Now, Flux sets its sights on a strategic collaboration with Contabo, a reputable provider founded in 2003, boasting a portfolio encompassing Virtual Private Server (VPS), Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS), and dedicated server hosting. With data centers spanning eight regions globally, including the United States, the UK, Japan, Singapore, and Australia, Contabo ensures an exceptional 99.9996% uptime.

Contabo’s offerings present a cost-effective alternative to conventional providers like DigitalOcean, Vultr, and Linode, delivering uncompromised performance. The 24/7 customer service policy further positions Contabo as an ideal hosting solution for both novice and seasoned node operators.

Crucially, Contabo has tailored configurations to align with different FluxNode tiers, solidifying its status as a trailblazer in offering cloud services finely tuned to the distinctive requirements of blockchain applications.

Through this collaboration, Flux gains access to Contabo’s robust infrastructure, bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3 and bolstering its network capabilities. The partnership not only enhances Flux’s cloud hosting services but also positions Contabo to harness Flux GPU compute resources for future projects, signaling transformative advancements in cloud hosting services.

“Flux and Contabo’s partnership exemplifies a broader trend of mainstream acceptance and adoption of decentralized technologies. As the boundaries between Web2 and blockchain blur, collaborations like this pave the way for a more interconnected and technologically advanced future.” — Daniel Keller, Co-founder, Flux.

This strategic alliance propels Flux into a new era of innovation, promising unparalleled opportunities for FluxNode operators and signaling a significant stride towards a seamlessly interconnected Web3 future.

About Flux

The Flux Web3 cloud is a decentralized computing service and blockchain-as-a-service solution, offering an interoperable and decentralized development environment similar to AWS or Google Cloud. Flux utilizes a native POW (Proof-of-Work) coin to power this ecosystem, providing incentives for hardware hosters, on-chain governance, and bad actor mitigation via staking requirements for running hardware. The Flux operating system runs on top of Linux to provide the network with verified and benchmarked high-availability compute power and utilizes the blockchain to ensure transparency in governance operations. Flux Cloud is the world’s largest and most decentralized cloud infrastructure.

About Contabo

Since its inception in 2003, Contabo has been committed to delivering German-quality server hosting globally. The company has expanded its reach significantly, now operating more than 335,000 servers across various continents. Contabo’s focus on stability, security, rigorous internal processes, and exceptional customer support, coupled with its competitive pricing, has positioned it as a reliable and cost-effective solution for diverse hosting needs​. 

Contact Info:

Name: Betty Kolibacova – CMO of InFlux
Organization: InFlux Technologies Limited
Country: Cambridge UK

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