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Fluorescence in Diamonds: A Natural Rarity Phenomenon

Sometimes, the fluorescence of the diamond makes it less valuable and rare to consider because of the impurities in its composition. The most expensive diamonds considered are not the ones that glow so brightly but those that give the most luminous effect and brilliant sparkles. Hence, it does not mean that diamond with these profiles is not real at all. They are one of the different options that you can choose depending on your budget, purpose, and design needs.

Choosing Diamonds with Fluorescence

Diamonds with bluish or colored effects are perfect for pairing with metal colors. Some colored metals include champagne or rose gold, yellow gold, platinum, and silver. Lab-grown diamonds with the color grades D, E, and F are much more precious. Most of the expensive diamond pieces of jewelry of the highest quality diamonds are set in white gold metal making it completely neutral. Diamonds with colorless and the clearest transparency. Furthermore, you may get to know more about the diamonds’ fluorescence effects on the Rare Carat education page.

Fluorescence is not that bad

Fluorescence can improve the hue of diamonds’ color making them look fancier and can be used in many embellishment needs such as in tiaras, engagement ring side stones, bracelets, and stones in halo settings designs. The overall appearance can be enhanced by combining the fluorescence color with the diamond’s hue. For instance, fluorescence is frequently observed in yellow stones. The existence of fluorescence can occasionally go unnoticed. At times, the qualities of the yellow diamond may have a cloudy or blurry appearance or brownish hue tinge.

Some people like to have colors in their diamonds. Depending on your perspectives, fluorescence is an extra characteristic according to your choice and preferences. Purchasing diamonds must accord to the best appeals that are visually pleasant to you and pleasant to everyone too. This is a financial commitment that lasts for a lifetime, so make sure you have the guarantee that it fulfils your desires or the satisfaction of your fiancee if you are purchasing engagement rings. For more advice and tips, visit

The Nature of Fluorescence

Natural diamonds contain a feature called fluorescence. Because of this phenomenon, diamonds may emit a variety of colors and tints which make them glow with some shades when subjected to black light or UV light. Some light that causes the diamonds to reflect is reported to have pristine and genuine diamonds to sparkle in blue shades through the fluorescence.

It is the boron, nitrogen, or aluminium mineral traces that are present in the crystallization process during lab-grown diamond manufacturing, the gem will turn fluorescent. There are colors that diamonds may glow in, including blue, yellow, green, orange, and white. Somehow, some diamonds may even emit rainbow-colored light spectrum. And this is due to the presence of fluorescence in the composition. Not only lab-grown diamonds but also natural diamonds may have these particular effects due to the different contents of minerals present where the specific natural diamonds are formed on the surface of the earth.

Shopping for Engagement Rings at Rare Carat

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