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Floway: Automation is essential 2023 business strategy

The pandemic has proved the importance of automation as a vital part of smooth operations. The new Camunda report shows that 82% of businesses claim process automation is a higher priority than it was in 2021. In light of the current economic situation that heads towards a global recession, automation becomes an essential 2023 business strategy.

Key business objectives

As the Camunda reports state, there are four main objectives driving businesses toward automation. Improving customer service is the top reason, as automation has proven to be fundamental in developing a successful customer experience journey.

The second goal is a strategic push for digital transformation. Enterprises have accumulated technical debt during the past years of economic growth and now is the time to focus on structural improvements to support future progress.

Digital transformation is no longer perceived as an expense, but rather an investment. 27% of businesses claim their goal with automation to be saving money and over 72% expect at least half of the investment returned (ROI) within the first year.

One in four businesses states that eliminating human error is one of their Top 3 drivers for automation. Even organizations taking great care in employee training, safety measures, and other strategies to minimize the risk can’t eliminate human error when the company is human-centered. Once the business switches from human- to process-centered, the possibility of human error is very minimal.

Successful automation is key to a successful business

Business automation starts with recognizing patterns of repetitive task sequences within the organization. Floway, recently launched software that merges business process management with workflow, states there are a few key elements to successful business automation.

The most important part is the professional team of experts that can implement the tools, customize them, and offer solutions on optimization within the current business procedures. Saas is the most popular model of software on the market at the moment, but it usually pushes the responsibility for the whole automation on an organization. It misses the point of uniting IT experts with business executives and raises more doubts concerning automation than interests. The founders of Floway share their commitment to applying the knowledge and years of experience working with some of the biggest enterprises in Europe in their new tool. “It’s not about selling software and leaving the business alone. We schedule monthly check-ups with businesses to analyze their situation and offer solutions. That’s what makes us different”, says a representative.

Another key point is customization. The tool must fit the organization’s present and future needs but also be easy to implement by the whole organization. Too many options for optimization, to begin with, leave the company with an abundance of decisions to be made before even starting the automation itself. That’s where templates come in handy. The business can try out a model tested by Floway experts to be efficient and might adjust elements of it at any time necessary. Thanks to that, automation is a smooth process of ongoing improvements, instead of the starting point being a development of a whole architecture that will need to change eventually.

When automating business processes, it’s crucial to involve the whole organization. Enterprises struggle with connecting existing automation islands, usually in different departments. Adopting an interdepartmental solution like Floway from the beginning, an organization is likely to undergo complete automation swiftly and undoubtedly. Effectively, the business might expect an earlier return on investment.

In 2023 focus on automation

Automation is undoubtedly the most crucial step in digital transformation. Companies wanting to stay on top and not accumulate technical debt should focus their 2023 business strategy on automation. 95% of Camunda’s respondents agree that business and IT leaders need to be aligned and collaborate for process automation to happen effectively. That’s why tools like Floway are a superlative solution, combining the advantages of tailored software supported by experienced professionals with a modern and affordable cloud system.

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