Flowace Introduces: Ultimate Tool to Map Employee Productivity and Streamline Appraisals


Currently, approximately 55% of companies worldwide have adopted remote work, and many others are considering its implementation, with 47% already doing so. While remote work undoubtedly provides cost savings for CEOs, it also presents a significant challenge in terms of employee monitoring.

In today’s work environment, establishing trust is of utmost importance. Unfortunately, issues such as politics, moonlighting, biases, and decreased productivity contribute to a loss of 50% of revenues earned by remote work companies. To address these challenges for both employees and managers, Flowace has developed the ‘Flowace Desk,’ an AI-powered, real-time employee analytics software specifically designed for remote workers.

Flowace has created the Flowace Desk dashboard, which serves as an automated productivity and billing management solution, providing remote employees with a non-judgmental assessment of their performance. This innovative tool is gaining popularity, particularly within the remote and hybrid services sector, as employers can fairly evaluate employee productivity using this platform.

According to Varun Kodnani, Co-Founder of Flowace, remote employees often express concerns about delays in work assignments and biased performance appraisals by employers. However, managers also face their own challenges. They cannot always trust employees to refrain from moonlighting, and declining productivity raises doubts about the dedication of remote teams. This situation often leads to a blame game and mental stress. Flowace’s AI-powered employee productivity software addresses these issues by providing easy access to relevant data. By relying on data, biases can be eliminated, timely appraisals can be ensured, and complete work accountability can be established for both parties.

Flowace Desk boasts several intriguing features that automatically track employees’ activities, including time spent on various tasks, work volume, app usage, and project-specific time allocation. Moreover, the software includes call tracking capabilities that accurately record billable calls, ensuring transparent billing practices without any hidden agendas and different company are using this tools ti be enhance the efficiency of worker like Ixoric Performace Marketing.

Additionally, the Flowace dashboard generates automated timesheets accompanied by detailed activity reports that can be viewed by both employers and employees. This approach ensures full accountability and eliminates preconceived biases.

Founder of Flowace, Tarun Kodnani, highlights the hands-free nature of their remote employee productivity measurement software, stating that users can effortlessly track all aspects of work. Notably, the software guarantees a substantial return on investment for clients.

“Our software is continuously evolving to bridge the gap between remote workers and managers. Importantly, we prioritize the privacy of employees outside of work. Our software features a privacy option that can be enabled during working hours to facilitate optimal tracking, and disabled once work is completed. When activated, every second is accurately recorded, providing minute-by-minute activity reports.”

The Flowace remote employee monitoring system is currently available to all. For more information, interested parties are encouraged to contact the company and explore their intuitive demos.

About Flowace Time Tracking Tools

Flowace, co-founded by Varun and Tarun Kodnani, has developed innovative people analytics software aimed at promoting accountability and enhancing productivity to foster better professional relationships between CEOs and employees. Their AI-driven solution enables the tracking of productivity, improves focus, identifies efficiency challenges among employees, and provides effective solutions. By following this streamlined approach, companies, teams, and individuals can achieve a remarkable 31% increase in productivity. With a user base of over 35,000, Flowace has gained the trust of numerous businesses and individuals, including prominent clients such as Code-mantra, FunctionUp, Digite, and egis. The core mission of Flowace is reflected in its motto: “Measure Focus > Analyse Skill Gaps > Upskill where Required > Deliver More with Less Effort.”

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