Flokimooni, the Latest NFT on Binance Smart Chain, that is taking Crypto World by Storm, will be launched on 15 April 2022.

$Flokim has established itself as one of the strongest projects out there. They have been growing insanely fast, even outperforming the market in the last few weeks. $Flokim token was launched on 13 October 2021 and currently, has 27.000 holders and a market cap of $3 million, not counting the over 75,000 followers. The coin is among the strongest out there. The project was born as a necessity to bring trendy features and an all-around/inclusive ecosystem to the cryptocurrency space.

What you stand to gain

The inactiveness of community members and unreliable products of the past NFT projects saw the birth of the Flokimooni. It is intended to bring three very beneficial utilities into one platform, namely, Dex/Launchpad, NFT Play to earn, and NFT Marketplace. With just a single click, you will be ushered into the world of unlimited possibilities. The combination of the above utilities, gives the community members, an added advantage when it comes to the benefits that come with most NFT projects.

Customization of meme-based NFTs to usher the crypto space to the next level. There shall be mass adoption, as the memes will draw people together. Mass adoption means a wider surface area of market catch.

Becoming a community member ushers you to buying tokens before their release to the market. This positions you in an advantageous position to discover and be involved in the upcoming top NFT projects.

Flokimooni wants to participate in the next phase of the digital era. But how? To this end, the team will create a NFT collection and a marketplace where users will buy and sell different types of NFTs.

As a Metaverse NFT, users will play games and earn rewards. This will attract many users as they play the game, not only for fun but also for rewards. Remember, the rewards can be exchanged with different currencies.

What is Flokimooni and why it could have the potential to be the next Shiba Inu? 

FlokiMooni is more than one would think or imagine. It is not just a meme coin, but also a massive crypto movement! Combining both the advantage of meme token and real utility project with the most trendy features in the crypto space creates an entire defi ecosystem such as a play to earn NFT game, dex, Launchpad, and nft marketplace. Despite the Flokimooni token being, very new, it has rallied powerful support from its community. INTERFI has audited FLOKIM. The official site has a lot of information and the whitepaper is listed on the site. The developers also share a lot of information on social media channels such as Twitter.

There are plans for continual celebrity and influencer onboarding to create more awareness, and massive adoption translating to more returns on the part of the users. Leave that aside, the team intends to roll out massive dog shelters or charities for dog welfare.

 By owning or holding $Flokim you will earn Doge rewards, but the token will also be at the heart of the entire ecosystem and will get utility in the Launchpad, NFT marketplace, and play to earn the game.


NFT Collection is coming on 15 April 2022. Flokimooni NFT is a collection of 10 000 unique ultra-high quality 3D designed Flokimoonies that live in the mooni world.You will be able to Breed, fight and farm in our play to earn the game. You will also gain membership access to a club whose benefits and offerings will increase. They set the mint date to the 15th of April. Flokimooni NFT collection will be on the Binance Smart Chain network, the collection will be included in the upcoming play-to-earn game of Flokimooni. They plan to be the first enormous project of NFT and P2E with Real & Beautiful Arts embracing the BSC network. This is something interesting to see as the first ones in new areas are often those who perform the best, as we can see with the Cyberpunk collection on ETH. Could Flokimooni become the Major collection of the Binance Smart Chain? Only time will tell!

Genesis Flokimooni collection grants special access & features in the upcoming play to earn Metaverse game: Mooni World.

$10000 giveaway to 5 NFT Holders (Total 50 000)! The more Flokimooni you own, the more chance you will have to win the prize. 1 NFT = 1 Ticket. 

Mint Pass The genesis drop will also act as a Mint Pass for future drops. Flokimooni will see continued development throughout the lifecycle of the project. Having the genesis drop will also grant you access to future drops first (Land…) & a lot more surprise to come for our dear supporters. If you are interested in getting one of the 10 000 Initial Genesis NFTs, you will need to join the Discord server to get whitelisted and ensure you can buy an nft before the public sale. With a community of more than 70k Followers and 22 000 holders, a collection with this quality of graphics and the utility put into them will make them precious! 

Some of the best partners and media like, Yahoo, Coinquora,, NewsBtc, Bloomberg, and Cointelegraph among many others support the project. Therefore, if it is a matter of trust, reliability, and performance, the platform is well-rated if not being known far or wide. Some of the outstanding features include the Launchpad ecosystem, Doge rewards, and a gaming ecosystem.

The team behind Flokimooni comprises experienced, investors and experts in the crypto industry. Guided by the challenges they went through and the urge to break beyond crypto normalcy, they decided to commission this worthy project. Many more products are in the pipeline to match the rising cryptocurrency needs. They are driven by the many questions asked by the community and other users, in general, to come up with products that are tailored to meet diverse needs. You have not seen the last of Flokimooni, but just an endless beginning coupled with mouthwatering crypto creations.

To achieve all this without a hitch, the team has allocated 1% for stabilizing the token price (auto-liquidity). For holders, they will earn 3% of Doge per transaction, and to make sure there is continuous development, 6% will be allocated for listings, giveaways, partnerships, or celebrity awareness.

With all these benefits, assurances, and prospects about the project, it will be foolhardy not to be one of the community members or users. Remember numbers do not lie, Flokimooni enjoys massive social media statistics when it comes to numbers.

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