FlipNpik – Blockchain Powered Collaborative Social Media For Local Businesses

It is not so much of a surprise, how speedily Blockchain technology is taking over almost every facet of our daily living, from finance to education, gaming to communication, real estate to healthcare. This speed is highly justifiable considering the whole nature of the technology, and the series of innovations it is bringing into all these aspects.

Most use cases of blockchain technology are however only beneficial to people in more organized urban settings where businesses are largely equipped with sufficient information concerning trending technologies, leaving the more disadvantaged rural localities to bite their tongues in wishes. It is against this that FlipNpik was launched. A platform that is basically shouldering a responsibility to bring collaborative social media that is built on Blockchain technology and tailor it down to meet specific needs of local businesses.

How FlipNpik Works

FlipNpik is a project idea created by Fliptech SAS. It is basically a Blockchain technology-enabled social media platform, that is tailored down to meet certain specific needs of local businesses. Operating on a corporative model, FlipNpik offers local businesses very attractive benefits of gaining greater visibility and gaining strong control of the social scene. This is something new to the local scene. Aiming to become the first collaborative social media platform for local businesses, FlipNpik will operate in a blockchain based ecosystem. Collaborating businesses will be called ambassadors, and values will be generated and distributed to them in an equitable and decentralized manner.

Outstanding Features That Will Stand FlipNpik Out

With people always looking out to jump on trends and platforms that offer them great benefits, it is no surprise that FlipNpik was created as a platform that’s not only a one-stop solution for social presence needs of many local businesses but also a not-to-be-overlooked platform in its features.

Here are some of its features that will definitely drop your jaws.

– It operates on an ecosystem that forces the Creation of value and its equitable sharing among all members of the platform.

– The Blockchain technology powered platform will offer a high level of competitive advantage to local businesses, contributing overall to the development of local economy.

– With the ICO of the platform, it is billed to offer user-collaborative rewards to active participants. These rewards can be exchanged for various goods and services, serving as an encouragement for the promotion of quality contents by businesses.

– The platform has developed an application that’s available on iOS and Android.

Useful Details About FlipNpik Token

Token Name – FlipNpik

Acronym – FNP

Operation Technology – Stellar Blockchain

Max token Number – 1.000 million

Accepted currencies – ETH/EUR

Token Distribution

Price – 3043,5 FNP/ETH

Hardcap – 115,000 ETH

ICO – 350 million (35%)

Mining reserve – 350 million (35%)

What does the whitepaper/website look like?

The FlipNpik white paper discusses the FlipNpik strategy. The white paper stated that the platform offers a solution to allow them to implement targeted marketing strategies and communication at affordable prices. The white paper also discusses the inbound marketing. It breaks down inbound marketing into 4 steps which are Attract, convert, close and Retain. They mentioned their New 360 ^o collaborative model in which inbound marketing is optimized to attract more clients and customers loyalty.

The white paper then provides a breakdown of the FlipNpik platform. It stated that the platform includes the social contribution, the innovative rewarding system, and the utility token to support the local economy.

The white paper breaks down the FlipNpik offers for users which are

A directory of neighborhood businesses

A personalized News feed,

A Customized profile that includes user’s tastes and preferences

Exclusive promotions and instant offers

A library for businesses

Games and Entertainment

The whitepaper also goes in-depth about FlipNpik competitors. They provide a comparative evaluation of the competition. The whitepaper talks about the Flip social and the FlipNpik token.

How transparent is the team?

FlipNpik relies on 9 employees and 15 collaborators for the success of this project. The whitepaper list each of the team member with their educational background, Qualifications, and position held. The whitepaper includes a link to their LinkedIn Profile. The team is transparent because they have listed all their qualifications and how they intend to use the qualifications to make this project a success. The CEO mane is Henri Harland. He holds an MBA in finance. He has been included in the listing of several companies in the stock market.  Richard Marganne is the president of the company. He holds a masters degree in marketing.

Serge helou is the CTO. He holds a masters degree in telecommunications. Jessica Nguyen Hoang is the Director Business development and she holds a swiss federal diploma in operational sales and marketing.  

Is the ICO showing sign of regulatory compliance?

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has stated that all ICO must pass the Howey test to become tradable security. This ICO has passed the Howey test so they are regulatory compliance.

The FlipNpik application has already been tested by the Gecko technologies. The Gecko technologies reported that the application shows very promising results. The number of businesses on the app is 700 while the number of users on the app is 6200


According to the FlipNpik roadmap, the businesses started in 2017. With the platform set to launch its ICO from September 1, 2018, there’s more to be seen. One thing is sure, however; local businesses will be having a lot on their tables soon.

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