FlipNpik – Collaborative Social Media for Local Businesses, built on Blockchain Technology.

Small business owners like to envy big brands. They get this bitter feeling when they see the big brands costumer’s engagement on social media. The big brands seem to be everywhere, and the small businesses cannot help but envy them.

Many small business entrepreneurs wish to compete with the big retailers but don’t have the budget and the audience to compete with the big players. Local businesses struggle to compete with the large ecommerce businesses, but they rarely have the resources to win the competition.

It is also worth noting that large retailers dominate the marketplace, but they offer less personalized brand experience to customers.

Also, the centralization of wealth has led to an unhealthy competition where the big players dominate the small guys and take the entire market share.

Social media are also in support of the big brands. They build their services only to fit the big brands with huge budgets which creates further problems for the small brands.

That is why FlipNpik’s social media ecosystem was created. The social media ecosystem was created to give small businesses the tools they need to compete with the big brands and succeed. FlipNpik has created incentives for users to participate.

FlipNpik is based on the blockchain technology. It is a platform aimed at providing small businesses with the opportunity to compete with the big players. FlipNpik is a collaborative social media platform for small businesses. Their vision is to provide small businesses with a greater sense of control over their digital identity. The platform operates in an ecosystem based on the blockchain platform.They allow equal distribution of tokens among the participating parties.

FlipNpik offers small business a competitive advantage over the local community and promotes responsible consumption.

The platform offers user rewards to their participants that can be exchanged for various goods and services. Flip Npik helps to bring service providers and business owners together in a beneficial relationship.  Local retailers will gain more visibility, and customers will be able to find real rewards for participating they will be able to vote for their most favourite merchant.

The FlipNpik token will be issued on the website based on the blockchain technology. Businesses will be able to use this token to purchase quality services. Users can deposit FNP tokens for customers to use in the marketplace. FlipNpik allows bulk transactions for minimal fees. They provide merchants with a solution to promote their business and reach more clients.

FlipNpik is already used in the metropolitan area. Their mobile app is available for IOS and Andriod. Flip team members are ready to launch their ICO.

Henri Harland is the CEO of the platform. He is an expert in public financing and finance. Henri Harland built his reputation by creating and sharing value in the market palace and wants his company to follow the same steps.

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