Flaming Farm- A Comprehensive Deflationary Yield Farming Platform

Yield Farming Platform

The DeFi (decentralized finance) sector is rapidly expanding with over 17 Billion dollars locked in the platforms. As you may know, the DeFi protocol is a decentralized application ecosystem that results from the decentralization of traditional financial instruments onto a decentralized platform, i.e., the Ethereum ecosystem. DeFi platforms allow individuals to maximize their profit with certain features such as farm, borrow, stake, lend, and swap. A trending topic in the DeFi sector is yield farming. Yield farming, also referred to as liquidity mining, is a revolutionary way of earning passive income in the crypto space by lending cryptocurrencies and getting fees and interest in return. Yield farming functions in the same way as traditionally depositing money in a bank’s savings account and receiving interest in return.

Flaming Farm is a new revolutionary platform that eliminates all the physical barriers from the yield farming process. The platform integrates a user-friendly interface with comprehensive asset performance data to streamline the process of yield farming. Additionally, the platform features a proprietary deflationary mechanism to shield the token from inflation. Here is an in-depth review of this outstanding platform. 

Flaming Farm Overview 

Flaming Farm is a unique deflationary yield farming protocol that seeks to control inflation in the DeFi sector. Inflation in the DeFi sector is a severe concern and arises from the issuance of new tokens every time tokens are issued in a pool. Flaming farm seeks to solve inflation by leveraging a system that continuously monitors its liquidity pools and automatically adjusts the circulating supply of FFARM tokens. Currently, the system supports three pools, i.e., ETH, USDT, and DAI pools. 

Flaming Farm’s burning system is a unique deflationary system with a built-in swap feature with the capability of automatically adjusting APY. Through the FFARM token deflationary systems, Flaming Farm will significantly demonstrate the power of DeFi. The network burns tokens at a rate of 2.5% per transfer. Also, the burning rate is increased by 0.5% every time supply increases by 2k. 

In addition to allowing users to provide liquidity to Uniswap( Yield Farming), the platform also integrates features such as swap enabling users to easily and quickly swap their token with other cryptocurrencies without the need for registration or lengthy KYC procedures. 

Through the Flaming Farm platform’s launch, the value of the FFARM token with time enables users to be loyal and earn rewards based on their contribution to the Flaming Farm platform. 

Flaming Farm Outstanding Features 

Liquidity Mechanism

Flaming Farm leverages a unique liquidity mechanism where everyone in the liquidity pool is awarded a portion of exchange fees, transaction fees, and staking entrance fees. In every trade, transaction, and pool entrance, the platform saves a small fee, which is then added to the liquidity pool and awarded to the remaining pool members. Through this, investors who hold on to a pool long enough are significantly rewarded. Better yet, the more the activity in a pool, the more fees it earns, translating to enormous profits. Also, increased liquidity in the pool increases the overall pool’s value. 

Stake in Multiple Tools 

Unlike other DeFi yielding platforms, Flaming Farm allows users to stake in multiple liquidity pools on the platform. The network currently supports USDT, ETH, and DAI pools and sets to add more pools that will be approved by the community in the coming years. 


Flaming farm seeks to streamline yield farming to suit the needs of an average user. The DeFi yield platform features a well-designed high-end UX interface that enables you to monitor your investments in real-time. On the platform’s interface, you can view your past, current, and projected earnings as well as monitor earnings across several pools. Additionally, you can set alerts to inform you when specific investment criteria are met. 


Flaming Farm employs an advanced decentralized governance system providing full transparency. The governance system enables individuals to vote on crucial issues affecting the network. Such issues include fee changes, adding new pools, and decisions on updates. To be allowed to vote, users are required to hold a certain amount of FFARM tokens. The voting power is also based on the amount of FFARM tokens one holds on the platform. 

FFARM Tokens 

 FFARM is an ERC-20 token on the Flaming Farm ecosystem used to govern the platform. The token offers full interoperability to the Ethereum ecosystem enabling users to store, send, receive, and trade FFARM tokens on any ERC-20 compatible exchange or wallet. There is no doubt that the Ethereum ecosystem is well developed in the world with 250,000 ERC-tokens.

FFARM tokens are set to be listed on Uniswap seven days after the completion of the crowdsale that is currently on-going. Uniswap is an automated market maker that offers liquidity to the Ethereum ecosystem. Upon being listed, FFARM tokens will access the Uniswap network enabling users to benefit from the liquidity gained. Pre-sale and early-bird investors can trade their tokens on Uniswap at any time.

FFARM Token 

 FFARM is a utility token on the Flaming Farm ecosystem, and it’s used to reward users and liquidity providers. The token is set to be sold at a price range of 0.12 ETH to 0.16 ETH, with a total hard cap of 900 ETH. The token will also be burned in every transaction. The tokenomics is as below: 

Name of Token: FFARM 

Price: 0.12 ETH to 0.16 ETH 

Supported purchase tokens: Ethereum (ETH) 

Total Hardcap: 900 ETH 

Private Sale Hardcap: 300 ETH 

Pre-Sale Hardcap: 600 ETH 

Listing price: 0.19 eth 

Burning rate per transfer: Minimum of 2.5%  

Flaming Farm Crowdsale 

The Flaming Farm Crowdsale is currently live. The crowdsale started on December 10th, at 11:40 AM UTC, and it’s set to continue in the coming weeks. The Crowdsale’s sale price is 0.12ETH per FFARM token with a minimum investment of 0.5ETH and a Maximum of 30 ETH. The funds from the crowdsale are set to be distributed after the event as below. 

  • 25% -Channeled to Uniswap liquidity pools 
  • 25%-Set as private sale rewards 
  • 40%- Channeled to pre-sale investors 
  • 10%- Split between the team and development 

Closing Words 

Flaming Farm is a revolutionary proprietary deflationary yield farming protocol that seeks to solve the inflationary challenges facing the DeFi sector. The platform integrates crypto swapping and yield farming, enabling users to offer liquidity to Uniswap and earn FFARM tokens rewards in return. The reward’s value also increases with time as the value of FFARM tokens increase based on the growth of a liquidity pool. To get a piece of this revolutionary deflationary yield farming platform, participate in the Crowdsale, which is currently ongoing. 

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