Fix isdone.dll Error while installing ArmA III Contact

installing ArmA III Contact

Are you facing troubles due to isdone.dll error in Windows 10 OS while trying to play your favorite games?

The presence of the PC games, such as ArmA III: Contact and large-sized programs. Therefore, more extensive programs or games consist of compressed data unzipped in your HDD while installing. 

In order to provide users with a superior and seamless graphic and faster gaming experience, various games, including ArmA III: Contact, requires sufficient storage to run. This is why it occupies your computer’s RAM and Hard Drive. 

If your PC’s hard disk and RAM do not contain enough memory to tackle the procedure, your PC may showcase this isdone.dll error. In today’s article, we will let you know all the convenient methods of fixing this error while installing the ArmA III: Contact game. Let’s get started!

What is the isdone.dll error?

Fix isdone.dll Error

The isdone.dll errors are caused when your PC is incapable of reading the installation of any archive files or game, such as ArmA III: Contact. The error is generated due to your PC doesn’t contain sufficient storage capacity to sustain the installation files in its memory. However, this standard isdone.dll error message cited with unarc.dll returned an error code -1. 

Overview of the game ArmA III: Contact

ArmA III: Contact video game is a military tactical, open-world, and realism-based shooter game by Bohemia Interactive. It takes place on the Straits in the Aegean ocean and the solitary island of Altis. However, its single-player campaign possesses the player who takes superior control over the US army soldier Corporal Ben Kerry. 

While playing, gamers have to go through various situations, from commanding massive-scale armored missions to lone wolf penetration operations. A player can also opt for diverse weaponry like air support, UAVs, and artillery based on their objectives and play style. 

You may avail it via the Steam distribution authority.

Coming back to the point, you might have understood that this error has been caused by the insufficient storage space on your system. So, you can’t install ArmA III: Contact game if you don’t have enough storage capacity. However, some other probable factors, which are liable for the isdone.dll error are summarized below:

  • Look for problems with your RAM, hard disk or SSD. A crashed storage device may cause the error. 
  • Start-up or third-party items may create a conflict with your installation. In that case, you may try operating a clean boot.
  • ArmA III: Contact game requires a file named ‘Unarc.dll’ to launch it appropriately. In case this file is missing or crashed somehow, you will get this error text ‘isdone.dll error unarc.dll error-1’.
  • To safeguard your PC against malware, your antivirus and Windows Firewall impeded this game while installation was going on. To confirm, try disabling your Firewall once and checking if the error still occurs.
  • In case there are some serious issues with your system files, the ArmA III: Contact game files will fail to access your PC. That’s how it leads to the isdone.dll error. 

How to fix the isdone.dll error while installing ArmA III: Contact?

Method #1: Executing reboot your PC

In order to fix the isdone.dll error, performing a clean reboot, your system will be beneficial: 

  • Go to the “Run” command
  • Type “MSConfig” and press enter
  • Now, a pop-up window will open named the “System Configuration.”
  • Move to the “Service” tab
  • Click on the checkbox, which named “Hide all the Microsoft devices” demonstrated at the bottom part of the list
  • Hit the “Disable all” button on the right-hand side
  • Now, open the option includes “Open Task Manager”
  • Hit the “startup” tab and choose the “disabled” option
  • Shut down the “task manager”
  • Hit the “OK” button demonstrated to the “system configuration window”
  • It will prompt your system to restart
  • Restart the system now
  • The machine is successfully booted, and the isdone.dll error should have gone

Method #2: Operate Deployment Image servicing and management tool (DISM)

  • Visit the Command prompt option
  • Type the command or paste it and hit the enter button: DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth
  • Have enough patience as this process may take countless hours to get completed
  • Now restart your system when the process is over
  • The isdone.dll error should have eliminated

Concluding words

Apart from these two aforementioned methods, numerous ways are there to omit this isdone.dll error while installing ArmA III: Contact game. Reinstallation of the game, turning off the antivirus, re-registering the isdone.dll file are some of the useful ways to fix this error. So, here the article ends! It is hoped that you get a brief notion of isdone.dll error troubleshooting methods. 

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