Fix Agent Pain Points & Boost CX with Avaya Agent Desktop

Over the years, customer service in the contact center industry has transformed tremendously. Phone calls have become bygones ever since AI and omnichannel services took over, thus exceeding customer expectations. Personalization has emerged as the key element for retaining and roping new customers.

This makes brands invest more in personalization that carves an augmented customer experience. To steer the business rightly, it becomes essential to address customer queries promptly by using modern technology. Here enter the unified agent desktop for Avaya contact centers.

Ahead in the blog, you’ll read more about how Avaya Agent Desktop can enhance customer experience by fixing different pain points. Here we go!

Bottlenecks That Hamper Customer Experience

Different reasons degrade the customer experience. Let’s read about some common obstacles faced by contact centers.

Unwanted Screen Toggling

23% of agents switch between screens to accumulate customer details. This is a clear indication of efficient performance owing to the lack of adequate technology. Toggling between screens deters customer experience & promotes call abandonment rates.

Jumbled Channels

To offer customers an omnichannel experience, contact centers use different communication channels. Though this makes it easier for customers to reach out for the service, a short-staffed contact center couldn’t handle it well. Thus, it results in a poor customer experience.

Manual Processes

Manual processes are often time-consuming & prone to human errors. These inefficiencies can be kept at bay by using agent desktops that automate the entire process. Once automation is implemented, it increases the agent’s productivity levels.

Poor Resolution Rate

In the technological era, customers want immediate redressal to their queries. If contact centers fail to provide them with apt solutions in initial responses, customers feel left out and choose to move out after losing interest in the services.

How To Elevate CX with Agent Desktop for Avaya

Unified Interface for Multichannel Communication

Avaya Agent desktop solutions offer a unified interface that integrates various communication channels. This includes voice calls, email, chat, and social media interactions.

Agents can access all communication channels from a single platform, allowing for a more streamlined and efficient workflow. This reduces the need to switch between different applications, leading to improved agent productivity.


Enhanced Customer Engagement

Avaya Agent desktop solutions enable agents to access comprehensive customer information in real-time. This includes customer history, preferences, and interaction details across multiple channels.

Agents can provide more personalized and efficient service with a holistic view of customer data. This contributes to higher customer satisfaction levels and fosters positive customer relationships.

Increased Agent Productivity and Efficiency

Agent desktop for Avaya contact centers is designed to simplify and automate routine tasks, reducing the administrative burden on agents. Features such as screen pop-ups, automated call scripts, and workflow automation contribute to faster and more accurate handling of customer interactions. This efficiency boost allows agents to handle more inquiries while maintaining service quality.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Agent desktop solutions often come with built-in analytics and reporting tools. Avaya contact centers can leverage these features to gather insights into agent performance, customer interactions, and overall contact center operations.

Analyzing this data helps in identifying areas for improvement, optimizing processes, and making informed decisions to enhance the overall performance of the contact center.

Integration with Back-End Systems

Avaya agent desktop seamlessly integrates with various back-end systems, such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems and other enterprise applications.

This integration ensures that agents have access to the most up-to-date information, reducing the likelihood of errors and ensuring consistency in customer interactions. It also facilitates a more cohesive and synchronized operation between the contact center and other business units.

Concluding Lines

Novelvox is a noted name in the CX solution industry. For 15 years and counting, it has been offering integration solutions for various market-leading CRMs & third-party apps globally.

The company’s vast product line includes wallboards (iVision), unified agent desktops (agent accelerator), chatbots (Infibot), and Smart CTI connectors. Unified Agent Desktops are pre-integrated with contact centers like Cisco, Avaya, Genesys, Five9, Dialpad, Amazon Connect, NICE, Webex, and Zoom.

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