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Five Things to Consider When Looking for an Office in London

Locating the perfect office space in London can feel impossible. With thousands of options available, it can be difficult to establish the best place to base your company. Here are five key things to consider:

  • Location and rent

Two important aspects of choosing a new office are location and cost. Think about what you want aesthetically. Do you fancy gazing onto the River Thames, or staring out across Primrose Hill?

Your business’ function may take precedence. Finance gurus would be better placed in London’s Square Mile, whereas an entertainment company shouldn’t look any further than the West End.

Where you are will impact the amount of rent you pay each month. You’ll need to weigh up whether the location you choose is within your budget. Taking the time to evaluate other office spaces in London will make this easier.

  • Space

Feeling cramped is common in London – and we don’t want the same for your office. 

Consider the size of your team. A twenty person strong marketing agency won’t cope in a small co-working space. On the other hand, a four-team start-up certainly won’t need a multi-room workplace.

What’s in the office matters too. Your desks, printers, and computers all take up valuable room. Make sure that the environment you pick can support your team and their equipment. These are variables that’ll determine if you’ll thrive in your new space.

  • Co-working space

Depending on the size of your business, you may opt for a co-working space. Think about whether this is the right fit for you and your employees.

Have you researched your professional neighbors? An office space where one side is loud and overbearing could bring your productivity down, whereas another successful business next door could fuel your progress and help you forge a new relationship.

  • Perks and facilities

Plenty of offices across London come with a variety of perks. Consider what facilities your office might have – will it come equipped with a kitchen and bathrooms? Is there a ready-made break area for your employees?

Depending on your price range, more perks might be made available. An on-site gym to get a sweat on in-between sales, or a roof terrace to make calls from could be something that swings your vote. 

  • Accessibility and networking

How easy is your office to get to? London is blessed with fantastic transport.

Is your office right near a tube station? Are there multiple bus links closer to the location? Does it have ample parking? These are factors you’ll need to take into account when shopping for your office space. Your team will be reliant on a workplace that’s easy to commute to – and so will you. 

Networking spaces are useful as well, so consider the number of restaurants and cafes in the area that your team might make use of.

Think about these five tips when choosing an office in London, and you’re bound to find the perfect fit for your company.

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