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Five Reasons You Should Use Billboards in Your Next Marketing Campaign


Marketing and advertising is one industry that is constantly evolving, adapting, and changing. The reason this industry fluctuates so much is that the professionals involved are always looking to meet the needs of the consumers. While on the consumer end of things, needs want, and priorities are changing year-over-year and also between different generations.

That being said, there are some techniques, tactics, and strategies – even in the constantly evolving world of marketing and advertising – that will always have merit. Billboards, for instance, are a form of classic marketing that is still highly effective and widely used today.

If you aren’t using billboards in your brand advertising, there’s a possibility that you’re missing out on a wide number of potential consumers. Below are just five of the reasons that modern-day marketing and advertising professionals should still use billboards in their campaigns.

1. Billboards are Cost Effective

The first question you have regarding this topic is likely how much does a billboard cost? This is a great question to start with, and the answer may even surprise you because they’re fairly cost-effective. In the United States, the average cost of a billboard for a four-week campaign is $850. Considering that less than $1k/month of billboard advertising on average is truly a great reason in and of itself to integrate billboards into the overall marketing strategy.

With the average price of a billboard for a four-week campaign landing at $850, there’s no surprise that there are figures on both ends of this average. However, the lowest cost in the United States for a four-week campaign is down to $100. This is extremely cheap when considering the total amount of impressions and reach that a single month-long billboard campaign can generate.

With the low cost and high reach that billboards offer, they’re a perfect supplement to any modern-day organization’s business growth and marketing plan.

2. The Wide Reach

Another reason that billboards are more than worthy of a spot on your advertising roster is because of the wide reach that they offer. Billboards are typically placed in strategic locations that have a lot of street and foot traffic. In other words, they’re seen by hundreds to thousands to hundreds of thousands of people every day, depending on the specific location.

Many billboards in the United States and abroad are placed along highways and other popular roadways that are heavily relied upon by commuters, tourists, and those just passing by alike. With the wide reach that billboard advertising offers, they make an excellent tool for organizations looking to expand their brand awareness and exposure. This is especially the case for start-up organizations and small businesses looking to build rapport with the local community or to inform out-of-towners of the major attractions in the city.

Billboards aren’t exclusively placed on highways though.

3. Lots of Locations

Many metropolitan areas and big cities will have a variety of other prime billboards real estate that is perfect for any organization to utilize. These locations can be in and around universities and colleges, or even line the inside of a major sports stadium.

With such a wide variety of locations to choose from, organizations can truly pinpoint their target audience and deliver billboard campaigns that connect, engage, and intrigue consumers who are more likely to make a purchase from that specific brand or company.

4. Helps with Brand Awareness

Brand awareness has already been briefly mentioned, but it’s important enough to focus on in more depth. Brand awareness essentially relates to how many consumers in the general marketplace or economy have knowledge of your brand and the products and services provided.

With the wide reach and heavy traffic that billboards offer, they can do wonders for any organization’s brand awareness. Especially in the specific region, they place the billboards.

5. Benefit of Multi-Faceted Marketing

Billboards are a great supplemental addition to any overall marketing and advertising strategy. However, they cannot stand alone and be the only type of marketing or advertising a brand engages in.

By utilizing multi-faceted marketing and advertising, a brand can more quickly develop a comprehensive presence that attracts consumers from a variety of different avenues.

A few Final Thoughts

There are many ways to connect and engage with consumers in the modern economy. No single strategy will be powerful enough to grow your brand and continually connect with new consumers. Rather, make use of billboards alongside and in concert with other marketing strategies to optimize your audience reach, increase your brand awareness, and ultimately cement your brand as a major player in its respective industry.

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