Five Reasons Why Custom eLearning Has Become Crucial For Sales Training

Sales Training

Every organization depends on its sales team to survive and succeed. Sales drive a company forward. 

Some fundamental sales skills are universal & accessible through standard sales training programs. However, the most prosperous businesses and their top-performing sales teams rely on customized sales training programs to continually increase revenues. 

Why Custom eLearning is Important for Sales Training?

Custom eLearning is vastly superior to conventional instructor-led training. Constrained training budgets, scattered workforce, high levels of turnover, etc., are just a few of the difficulties that arise while training salespeople. Businesses can overcome these obstacles using custom eLearning to deliver the latest industry knowledge and develop sales abilities. 

Thanks to trends like microlearning, gamification, and mobile learning, custom eLearning is now more potent than ever. Custom eLearning solutions can better meet the needs of sales training than before. It can help your organization enhance sales training ROI and address employee retention.

This post will examine some of the top reasons for using custom e Learning solutions in your sales training. So, let’s get started.

Alignment With Company Goals And Employee Learning Styles

Do you think the same sales-training program or approach will benefit all your sales personnel equally? Obviously not! 

This is because not all salespeople perform the same tasks and activities. Some of them may sell goods, while others may sell services. Others may offer extensive catalogs, while some may only have a few highly specialized products to sell. So, the effectiveness of sales training programs would depend on how well they were tailored to the requirements of different sales personnel.

For example, an inside sales representative should be taught product presentation techniques quite differently from an outside account executive. Similarly, a less experienced salesperson requires training in a different strategy for bargaining than a more seasoned one. Therefore, custom sales training is necessary to get the most out of your sales training budget.

Ensures Relevance

Consider a scenario where your company’s strategic business goal for the current fiscal year is to boost conversions by 10%. So, your organization has identified some critical skills to help your sales personnel reach this goal. 

The most effective way to teach these skills is to use actual sales team case studies that align with your sales process. Customized eLearning allows you to deliver content according to your company’s context while providing training on your unique sales process. This helps your sales staff to better connect with and relate to the training content.

When using generic off-the-shelf training materials, employees frequently fail to retain the information because they cannot relate it to their own job. A customized eLearning solution can deliver information via graphic narrative scenarios using business-specific situations and events your sales personnel run across when selling your goods or services. 

With customized eLearning, you can relate content to real-life situations. This way, employees can immediately apply what they have learned. Custom sales training also includes focused, precise assessments and remains in line with your brand’s values and image, offering a better ROI on your training.

Customized Sales Training Can Be Easily Updated.

People new to custom training frequently worry that it has a finite shelf life. While it’s true that generic sales training can remain in circulation indefinitely due to the general nature of its subject matter, the lack of relevance is the reason its effectiveness becomes limited.

Fortunately, personalized sales training provides both advantages. In addition to being extremely relevant from day one, ongoing modification guarantees it remains relevant. You can quickly update selected portions of your custom training modules when your sales procedures change, new contract conditions are established, or items are updated. It’s relatively easier and requires a lower investment than creating new training modules.

Guarantees Consistency

Many organizations now have multiple offices across the globe. With custom eLearning, you can simplify your messaging and develop a unified sales strategy across different locations. 

It is important that your sales staff consistently explain the qualities and advantages of your goods and services. They must always use the same terminology and offer the same level of customer service to each and every customer. But, they may not be able to deliver messages consistently if you rely on providing sales training using different facilitators in different locations. 

You can only streamline your message and create a unified sales strategy across different locations when all sales representatives take the same custom online training.

Aids in employee retention and engagement.

It doesn’t matter how much money you have set aside for sales training or how many training programs you offer. The finest and most efficient training is the one that keeps the learner interested, regardless of the subject. If the learner doesn’t participate, learning happens only in bits and chunks, irrespective of how knowledgeable the instructor is or how sophisticated the words are on the page or screen.

Your salespeople’s abilities will only advance if they participate. For this, the content must be highly relevant to the learners, such as their field experiences, sales challenges, etc. Custom eLearning, therefore, dominates employee engagement in all areas. Engaged and motivated employees with access to relevant training materials can increase sales and provide better customer support and satisfaction. These individuals are often happier and tend to be better employees than someone who walks onto the sales floor without familiarity with the products or the sales procedures.

Custom eLearning also helps boost retention rates by providing salespeople with the knowledge and abilities they need to carry out their duties. Additionally, onboarding new hires becomes more economical and practical.


Custom eLearning solutions offer incredible advantages for sales training. The employees’ use of mobile and tablet devices to complete the eLearning courses leads to higher completion rates. So it’s time to reconsider and make the most of custom eLearning if you’re still choosing the tedious and exhausting traditional instructor-led training.

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