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Five of the Fastest Growing Tech Companies In 2022

#1 Scrybe Streaming

Scrybe Streaming is an American based content streaming service focusing on music and podcast entertainment. Its game changing business model using subscription based micro transactions, allows record labels, recording artists and podcast hosts to generate recurring revenue, all while simultaneously decreasing their listeners monthly payment.  

The company launched June 2021, but its CEO and Founder, Christian Phyfier has existed in the industry for over a decade. Because of Scrybe, content creators now have the ability to control the monthly cost people pay to listen to the creations, on a streaming platform similar to the other platforms currently on the market. 

Scrybe is a game changer to the entire music industry in a way that has yet to be seen, already boasting a wide array of music and podcasts growing daily. We also have to mention this app is free for all content creators to upload, via and available for download in both the IOS and Google Play store. 

#2 Emoty.AI 

Emoty.AI is a Turkish tech startup that focuses on emotion detection solutions. It uses deep learning techniques to analyze specific physiological data, such as:



Pose detection

Stress analysis

Pupil analysis, among others.

Emoty.AI uses its emotion detection technology to provide market research solutions. For example, cinema production and UX testing companies can benefit from behavior analysis.

The company has only existed for about a year. However, it’s one of the innovative tech startups that are revolutionizing their sector.

#3 is a fintech company that offers an innovative way to make online purchases without sharing personal information.

The startup allows anyone to generate virtual and disposable payment card numbers for free. That way, users won’t have to share their personal information with online vendors or payment platforms.

As you may have guessed, the idea is quite popular.

In fact, has reportedly issued over five million virtual card numbers within the last three years, and that’s not surprising. The service helps users avoid issues arising from e-commerce security breaches. recently announced that it had raised $10.2 million in a Series A fundraise.

#4 Xbird  

Xbird is a Berlin-based medical artificial intelligence company that provides software solutions in the healthcare sector.

Founded in 2015, this German startup uses AI-powered healthcare to personalize therapies for better results. That involves analyzing data from smartphones and wearables to predict and prevent health risks.

At the moment, Xbird is focusing on diabetes therapy. The company uses its algorithm to prevent hypoglycemia in diabetes patients by recording their behavior and lifestyle.

Xbird currently has two investors.

#5 Airgarage

AirGarage offers an all-in-one app for both parking space owners and customers.

The startup began with the goal of providing technologically advanced parking solutions and services. So, it developed a smartphone app that covers the requirements for managing a parking spot in an area.

These include visitor registration, enforcement, payment collection, and customer support, to name a few.

AirGarage has raised a $2 million fund from both angel investors and venture capitalists. Also, the company currently manages parking lots across 22 states in the United States and Canada.

There you have it! Be sure to do your own research and see if any of these companies may benefit your life. 

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