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Five live streaming tips from LAS Curry

Five live streaming tips from LAS Curry

Live Streaming is nowadays getting super vast. It is working not only to teach you but help you innovate in new and better ideas and this could be only done if you have better guidance. For becoming an amazing live streamer all you need is the internet and a good device and you are all set to go. Working for years in creating a better version of every content and is the best guide for every gamer out there. It becomes very important for a streamer to gain good reach, great subscribers, views, and money. If you want to learn extensively then this content is for you. 

An online educational streaming platform that helps create a finer version of you. Anthony “LAS Curry” Santana is an expert in teaching you how to become a better streamer daily with great benefits. Sharing content that is super knowledgeable and focused on topics that makes you understand everything. It takes quite hard work to establish your content in this world full of talents and competitors. But this makes sure that when you are ready to outshine your talents you should always be with an expert that guides and mentors you to achieve better.

Before you do something wrong in establishing your content digitally, you should always have good tips and advantages!

LAS Curry will help you out in creating good content with guiding you to stream live content super conveniently. We are sharing some of the best tips for you to make your content shine in the digital world. It will make your content reach the number of followers and you will have many subscribers eventually.

1. Simple setup with backups:

Having more setups with heavy functions can create a lot of stress to your systems. Having lighter equipment with durability and fewer applications in your software can help them live longer. There will lesser malfunctions to your system if you keep backups ready because not everyday and is a good day. This could make your systems be protected and safer for longer use.

2. Use better lightning and audio in your live streaming:

To put it simply, you want your live stream to look and sound great.  It happens so because your viewers will be watching you and with good lighting and audio it creates a connection between the two.

With audio and light these are the important points to keep in mind:
  • Don’t backlight your subject.
  • Location matters the most.
  • Always check your mic.
  • Wear proper clothes.
  • Navigate music as a plan.

3. Test before you go live:

Testing before going live is necessary because it will help you know if you’ve missed an important point. Preparation + opportunity = success. Live streaming is a greater opportunity for you to increase your brand, so don’t give yourself a chance to make any mistakes.

  • WIFI should always be strong and connected.
  • Rehearsal is necessary.
  • Notes before going live.
  • Timeline management with your crew.

4. Focus on camera:

Eye contact is the most necessary point when you go for live streaming. It creates a good relationship with the viewer. Instead of looking at yourself on a screen, be sure to look directly into the camera. Not only will you appear more honest, but your words are more likely to be remembered!

5. Engage with your streamers from time to time.

Engagement is very necessary for you, so if you go for live chatting it will help you build a direct connection with the audience. Audiences feel happy to know about you more and more and only connection can let you do that.

  • Questionnaires are helpful.
  •  Agenda setting.
  • Go live on all social media platforms.
  • Ask the right questions.
  • Be friendly.

Hope these five live streaming tips from LAS Curry have helped you in gaining better knowledge. We have pinned down these tips so as to make your career enhance because your future could go beyond if you want to pursue it. For more information you can visit

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