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Five Lessons to Learn From Michelle Obama

The former first lady and Harvard alumna, Michelle Obama, returned to Boston in September 2017 to deliver the keynote address at ‘Inbound 2017’.

As we all know, Mrs. Obama is not an entrepreneur. Running a business successfully is not her primary skill, but there are quite a few business lessons (especially marketing lessons) one can take from her.

Here are five business lessons we could pick from Michelle Obama:

1: Focus on Digital and Social

Between the years 2009 to 2017, when Michelle Obama was the first lady of the USA, her concrete efforts were towards connecting with the citizens of her country. Mrs. Obama made sure that she could connect with a larger base of audience through digital and social media platforms.

Even today, the former first lady is leveraging new technology and combining it with her attitude of openness and inclusion to reach her target audience. Something she did back then too.

In the business world, when it comes to reaching a target audience, companies need to majorly focus their marketing resources on digital and social media platforms. We know that every business functions uniquely, but if they fail to use digital and social media effectively, they are just missing out on a huge opportunity of connecting with their intended customer base.

2: Provide World-Class Communication

Everyone who knows Michelle Obama agrees that she is one of the best political communicators of all time, despite the fact that she’s never run for office.

If a business fails to adopt effective and nearly flawless communication skills while executing their marketing strategy, they are just wasting their time. For any business (no matter how big or small), flawless communication is of the utmost importance.

Businesses need to reach their existing and intended audience through website blogs, videos and social media posts. To communicate with your audience, these digital and social media strategies should be aligned in accordance with their best practices.

We suggest that you look to invest in professional editors. It always pays off to have your work critically reviewed, and having a professional editor in your team will ensure that your marketing communication is nearly flawless.

3: Embrace Innovation

Michelle Obama has always been a type of personality who embraces innovative ideas and partnerships that help simplify complex problems and generate desired outcomes. As we all know, in 2010 she established “Let’s Move” initiative working towards helping families and kids lead a healthy life.

Similarly, businesses need to try out new opportunities, especially the ones that drive positive results. For instance, opting for alternative business lending can help SMEs secure funds much faster than that of traditional UK banks.

Instead of using traditional strategies, look for out-of-box solutions and strategies to counter the issues plaguing your business. Maximise your impact with strong and strategic planning.

4: Emphasise on Education

Michelle Obama has always been vocal about her views and agendas regarding taking education programs not only in the USA, but worldwide. She launched an initiative called “Let Girls Learn”, to make sure that girls worldwide are receiving the education they deserve.

Likewise, your marketing team should always be enthused to learn something new while being committed to their work. The digital marketing world has been changing rapidly, especially because of the evolving technology.

Strategies and tools that worked last year or maybe last month, would no longer be effective today. Hence, it is important that your digital marketing team is well-versed with all the evolving techniques so as to implement those techniques with their the current strategies.

5: Be Stylish

Michelle Obama is known for her consistent and cultural style. You must be wondering what this has to do with business or marketing. Well, we simply mean that your brand image and design is important.

For instance, if the design of your products and services is not up to the mark or if it does not fulfil your customer’s need, it will adversely affect your brand image and your reputation in the market.

Most of the successful marketing strategies are nothing but a combination of art and science. You need to deliver products and services that are equally appealing to your customer as appealing your marketing strategies are.

With amazing products and an accurate marketing strategy, you will not only be fulfilling the expectations of your existing customer base but will also be attracting a new set of audience. We recommend you to experiment with bold choices to test your customer’s reactions and then optimise accordingly.

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