Five Habits to Avoid for a Safer Drive

Safer Drive

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Driving provides us with incredible freedom. However, we should not forget the risks it entails. When drivers are negligent, they can cause accidents and claim lives. One should always take care while driving, and be considerate about fellow drivers and pedestrians. Here is a list of some common factors that can lead to major accidents. By avoiding these habits, one can be a more sensible driver, and make the roads safer for all users.

Distracted Driving

Anything that takes your attention away from the road can be disastrous – be it talking, eating, adjusting the radio, or making a call. Now, with the advent of smartphones, distracted driving has reached a totally new level. Activities like texting, surfing the internet, setting the navigation, or taking selfies while driving have proved to be a major safety hazard for many drivers, and has been recorded as a major cause for accidents. urges drivers across Bangladesh to take a pledge of not texting or calling while driving. 


Speeding endangers not only the life of the speeder, but all of the people on the road around them. It has been a constant contributor in car crashes and resulting fatalities for decades. Rising incidents of speeding and driving faster than posted limits have become a reason for concern throughout the country. Speeding increases the chances of losing control of the vehicle. It also increases the stopping distance, and reduces the effectiveness of safety belts and other safety devices, leading to enhanced risk of injuries in case of a crash. Always drive within set limits to avoid unwanted incidents. Remember, speed limits are not just guidelines, they are meant to save lives! 

Safer Drive

Driving Without a Seatbelt

Wearing a seatbelt can dramatically reduce or prevent injuries. This is common knowledge. However, when it comes to implementing it, many turn a deaf ear, especially when driving for short distances.  A seat belt, if properly worn, is designed to keep you safe and secure inside the vehicle in case of a crash. Being thrown out of the vehicle during a crash has proved to be much more fatal for those involved in an accident. 

Remember, air bags were designed to work with seatbelts, not replace them. If you are not buckled up, an opening airbag may also result in injuries. requests all its subscribers and readers to get into the habit of using the seat belt every time you get into a vehicle. Ask your passengers to buckle up as well!

Five Habits to Avoid

Drowsy Driving 

According to a survey, numerous accidents have resulted due to drowsy driving. Driving when one is tired, sleepy or under the influence of medicines, produces effects similar to drunk driving – slower reaction time, decreased awareness and impaired decision-making. Sometimes, people even fall asleep behind the wheel! The results can be devastating! 

Commercial drivers, and those who drive for long hours at one go are more likely to be involved in drowsy driving. Taking breaks in between, drinking coffee, listening to peppy music, opening a window, or pulling over for a short nap can help rejuvenate the drivers, and make the roads safer for all travelers.

Five Habits to Avoid for a Safer Drive

Road Rage

When it comes to driving, responsibility and patience play huge roles. Heavy traffic, erratic drivers, a scramble for parking space, or even waiting for passengers can be very trying for a driver’s patience. However, a quick temper can put you and others in danger when you are behind the wheel. Remember, dangerous driving is no way to vent your anger or frustration. When on the road, emotions should be kept in check. 

Five Habits to Avoid for a Safer Drive

Never take actions of other drivers personally. Reactions resulting from anger often lead to misjudgment and irreversible damage. Stick to safe driving practices in all situations to avoid confrontations. If you enjoyed reading this article, please visit Garirbazar’s blogs to read more news and articles.

The risks involved in driving can be mitigated by avoiding the habits mentioned above. Drive safe and become a sensible and responsible motorist! 

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