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Five Car Accident Injury Symptoms that May Not Appear Immediately

Car Accident

Sometimes, injuries are quite obvious right after a car crash. For instance, when you dislocate your shoulder or suffer from a serious laceration in an accident, you will know right away. But some car accident injuries are not immediately apparent. Some injuries may appear until hours or days following a crash. So, what happens if you suffer from a delayed injury? Will you get compensated for it? You will know what to expect when you consult with a car accident attorney. You can get relevant information about cases like yours on their website. The following are some of the common delayed injury symptoms that car accident victims may experience:

Neck or Shoulder Pain

During a car accident, your body can rapidly whip back and forth, straining your neck and back muscles and tendons. Often, this kind of injury doesn’t show immediate signs, though symptoms may appear hours or even days after the crash.  Neck or shoulder pain typically indicates you have whiplash.


It is quite common to develop headaches after a car accident. While a headache can sometimes be harmless, it can also indicate a more serious issue.  Headaches can be a symptom of brain blood clots and back or head injury. You will also experience a headache when you have a concussion. You should be aware of the risk of a traumatic brain injury, which can occur after your head is hit in a crash.

Back Pain

If you experience back pain days following the crash, you may be suffering from a herniated disc, whiplash, a sprain, a spinal injury, or a soft tissue injury. If your back is numb or tingling, this can be due to a pinched nerve. With these conditions, you could be experiencing debilitating pain and have mobility issues. 

Abdominal Pain

Abdominal pain after a car accident can be a sign of internal bleeding. Other signs of internal bleeding include deep purple bruising, fainting, and dizziness. Internal bleeding can go undetected for hours or days. This life-threatening condition must be diagnosed and treated right away.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

PTSD can be developed following a car crash. Anybody who is involved in an accident, or those who witnessed severe trauma may develop this mental disorder. At the start, the condition can be quite subtle and get worse over time. PTSD can impact how you function as an individual and reduce your quality of life. 


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