Five best NFT Generators or Creators Tools

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unique piece of digital art that cannot be replaced by anything else. For people who are unfamiliar with the technical expertise required to create NFT, here is the good news for them. You can easily become an NFT creator by using NFT generator software, that too without learning any coding skills.

If you also want to become an NFT creator but do not know which software to use for creating NFT, here are the five best NFT art generators with the help of which you can create astounding NFT artworks.

Let’s have a look!

  • NFT Art Generator: You can easily create your own NFT art collections with the NFT Art Generator. It supports images, GIFs, and videos and stores your artwork on blockchains like Ethereum or Solana. No coding skills are required for NFT creation on this platform. You just focus on your creation and come up with your amazing artwork. You can even create an entire art collection with the NFT Art Generator.


 User-friendly interface

  • Works without account creation or registration
  • Unlimited previews


  •  Watermark on the free version
  • Expensive plans

Appy Pie NFT Generator: Beginners can easily gain expertise in NFT making without learning to code. The intuitive interface of the Appy Pie NFT Generator can create up to 1000 NFT collections. This platform offers a plethora of tools and functions that artists and creators need for making creative artworks. Along with premade things, you can also add graphics and layers to your design.


  •  Sufficient tools to use in free plans
  • Create thousands of NFT collections in just a minute
  • Supports almost every file format


  • May not run on some blockchains
  • Lack of 3D support
  • Styles and themes are somewhat outdated


  • Fotor: This platform uses AI technology that helps you convert your artwork into NFT in just a few clicks. A newbie who does not have even a little bit of artistic skill can easily create NFT with the help of AI techniques. Fotor offers numerous tools such as collage making, photo editing, graphic design, etc. Its integration with social media enables creators to share and advertise their work effortlessly.


  •  Code-free platform
  • NFTs in a few clicks
  • No registration required


  •  Lack of automatic saving feature
  • Paid subscription required even for the basic features
  • Limited blockchain support


  • NFT Creator: If you are an Apple device user, NFT Creator is a one-stop shop for you. This platform will help you create amazing NFTs in just a few clicks and mere minutes. All the features on this platform, including filter fonts, graphics themes, and templates, are modern and up to date.


  •  Offers thousands of background options and fonts and more than hundreds of artistic filters
  • Competitive pricing
  • Code-free software


  •  Runs only on iOS 13 and MacOS 11


  • SketchAR: You can create, sell, and advertise your NFT by using this platform. SketchAR uses a combination of Augmented Reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) to transfer your digital art into NFTs. It invites users to submit their work, selects the top creator each week, and then converts their work into NFT for free. The artist’s work will also be featured on the platform as a reward.


  • Multi-device support
  • User-friendly interface
  • Free advertising


  •  Produces somewhat shaky and dark images
  • Shows a lot of ads in between art creation for free users

So these are the top five NFT creator tools that you can use to learn and enhance your artistic skills. Try out these platforms and wake up your creative mind.


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