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Five Benefits a Top-Tier Freight Forwarder Should Provide

Top-Tier Freight Forwarder

All freight forwarders are not created the same. While many freight-forwarding companies handle the basics of moving cargo from point A to point B, only the best freight forwarders have the contacts, infrastructure, expert teams and know-how to ensure their customers have access to a full-range of logistics options and services.

Top-tier freight-forwarding companies won’t consider these benefits just perks, but rather necessities in creating a smooth, seamless, timely and efficient logistics plan for their customers.

When reviewing possible freight forwarder options for precious cargo, consider whether the forwarder can offer these five additional solutions:

Same-Day Shipping Service

While no one wants a last-minute change of plans or re-route – and no one plans for a critical piece of cargo to be forgotten or broken – sometimes, life just happens. Business needs can change, an important piece of cargo might break or a large-scale event or attraction may shift its location or requirements. Sophisticated and fully equipped freight forwarders understand that unexpected changes happen, and plans can shift. This is why top-tier freight forwarders prioritize on-demand flexibility and offer same-day shipping options. With same-day shipping service, ideally, a freight-forwarding company can transport cargo and get it to its required destination within a 24-hour window.

Many top freight forwarders can also assist with courier services, ensuring someone is watching and monitoring high-value or one-of-a-kind cargo items throughout the shipping process.

Passenger Air Charters

While most freight forwarders offer air cargo charters, only the best also offer passenger air charters to ensure teams can be transported quickly and efficiently to and from an event location. With a freight forwarder like this, there will be available team members to assist with booking private planes where and when needed for human transport. This is incredibly helpful in the case a company needs to move anywhere from a few, to hundreds, of their own team members to assist with packing, unpacking, event setup, cargo monitoring or anything else.

Packing and Crating

When planning a large-scale concert, festival, tradeshow or other live event, it’s crucial to ensure cargo is well-protected, secure and arrives on-time to the destination. To assist with this, many expert freight forwarders also provide packing and crating services.Crating experts can assist with packaging all cargo items, utilizing the appropriate crate types and sizes for each respective piece of cargo and ensuring each item is safe and secure with the proper packing materials.

Warehousing and Storage

Depending on a company’s specific operational or business needs at any given time, cargo can be ready to ship immediately or it can require safe storage for a period of time. Fortunately, the best freight forwarders also offer warehousing and storage services, allowing them to hold on to precious cargo for their customers until it is ready to be transported. If a freight forwarder has flexible storage solutions and distribution services available in multiple countries, on multiple continents, that’s even more beneficial.

Full-Range Logistics and Tour-Planning Support

Top-tier freight-forwarding companies like Rock-it Global, with decades of experience under their belts, have multiple working partnerships with music-touring companies, festival-planning companies and many other critical industry leaders all over the world.With a wealth of knowledge and critical global partnerships, such freight forwarders can offer customers a truly full range of logistics, as well as tour-planning support. Should any change or delay happen for an event, this can be especially useful, providing even more adaptability and the ability to pull from existing relationships and resources to deliver a new strategy or solution.

Rock-it Global is an international network of logistics specialists helping leaders across many different industries and specializing in large-scale events. We take pride in helping you bring your creative vision to life through meaningful events and memories that last.  

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