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Five advantages of the coastal real estate in Turkey in 2022

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Pristine nature, warm sea, burning sun and picturesque beaches, rich historical heritage, quality service and modern infrastructure – all this is amazing and unique Turkey. The Republic of Turkey attracts not only thousands of vacationers, but also investors from abroad who want to buy liquid real estate in a resort country for recreation or permanent residence. The Turkish real estate market offers foreign buyers a huge selection of properties for any budget and needs. Property prices in Mahmutlar, Alanya, Istanbul and other cities, surprise foreign investors being combines with the finest quality of the housing.

Many investors consider apartments and villas located on the coast the most attractive categories of real estate. IS it really that goo to live by the sea – we will tell you about the advantages of buying a home in this location in our article.

Advantages of the real estate on the coastline

Real estate by the sea in Turkey is in high demand among buyers. After all, property on the first coast guarantees investors a number of advantages that are not found in apartments located away from the coast. So here are five reasons to buy an apartment in Turkey by the sea:

  1. Maritime climate. Of course, life in Turkey for every owner from abroad has its pros and cons. However, what literally all foreign citizens agree on is that the maritime climate has a beneficial effect on health and well-being. Living in your own apartment near the sea is a fresh, healthy air saturated with sea salts every day. This will strengthen the immune system and support the body in the presence of various chronic diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.
  2. Beach and entertainment within walking distance. You can get to the nearest beach, promenade, restaurants and cafes, attractions and shops in just a few minutes. You do not have to spend time and money on moving around the city in order to relax by the sea and return back, as well as renting a house, a tour, etc.
  3. Panoramic views. The indisputable advantage of the apartments on the first coastline is the sea views from panoramic windows or terraces. Every day you can enjoy the magnificent seascapes without even leaving your own home.
  4. Excellent infrastructure and amenities. Literally all new residential complexes in Turkey, built in close proximity to the beaches, are properties with an internal infrastructure of the level of a five-star hotel. They are being built in accordance with the high requirements of foreign investors for the quality of construction and safety. Thoughtful layout, good building and finishing materials, landscape gardening, private swimming pool, playgrounds for children, spacious parking, gym, 24-hour security and much more are additional housing options on the coast in Turkey.
  5. High investment potential. An apartment by the sea in Turkey is a profitable investment of your capital. Such real estate is in demand among tenants not only at the height of the swimming season, but throughout the year. Prices for apartments on the coast are constantly growing, so if you wish, you can always resell them profitably.

Additional things to consider

In addition to the positive aspects that buying real estate by the sea in Turkey guarantees you, it is worth mentioning some things that may spoil your life there. In practice, there are not many of them.

Firstly, you should not hope for a calm and quiet pastime in an apartment on the coast. In such resort areas, it is always noisy during the swimming season. Crowds of tourists, open-air discos, restaurants and cafes – all this is the familiar atmosphere that accompanies living in apartments near the sea. If you were counting on a secluded, measured life, such housing is definitely not for you.

Secondly, keep in mind that it is often windy on the coast and there is high humidity, which means that mold and fungus may appear in the apartment.

And thirdly, apartments near the beach often belong to the premium segment of real estate and, naturally, are more expensive.

Real estate in Turkey

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