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Fitness expert Dan Martin Paul talks about the importance of diet regimes

Dan Martin Paul

Everybody wants to have the perfect physique but not everyone puts in the time and efforts it requires to achieve their goals. Working out is important for muscle building but what’s equally important if not more is nutrition, the kind of food intake you have can drastically change your body and your lifestyle. Fitness expert Dan Martin from Paul from Canada shares his views on just how important proper nutrition is.

Dan is not just a fitness expert but is also one of the leading fitness influences in Canada with a global following. He started his journey when he was merely 18 years old and now after almost a decade in the industry, he has helped many people change their lives and attain their versions of ideal physiques. Dan himself follows a high protein low carb diet and works out two hours a day and his motto is #AlwaysReadyForIt

Starting off, Dan emphasises on the quote “you are what you eat” and says that a person’s food choices play an extremely crucial role. Talking about the same, he shares, “I won’t deny that exercises won’t help in losing weight or gaining muscle, but eating the right food will give effective results. Your body responds with the kind of food you include in your diet.”

An individual’s routine diet needs to have a balanced diet unless they’re a fitness athlete or a body builder with specific goals. For example, a body builder’s nutrition consists of a high protein diet for muscle building but an average human needs a balanced diet.

Talking about the importance of sticking to a diet regime, Dan shares, “Sticking to a diet regime is all about being loyal to what you eat. If you are sure you can stick to a diet for a long time, go for it depending on your fitness goals.”

To meet your fitness goals, you must intake high protein foods like eggs, chicken, meat and whey proteins. Additionally, carbs like bread and rice can be replaced with complex carbs like beans, brown rice and other veggies.

Dan Martin Paul has transitioned into one of the biggest fitness influencers and has become an entrepreneur, starting his own fitness apparel brand ‘DMP fitness’ which is famous across the globe.

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