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First P2E Game Backed by Real-World Assets—the PlayEstates Project 

The GameFi industry is experiencing a massive surge in revenue and interest. A ton of projects have been launched to offer gamers exciting yet rewarding games, PlayEstates, is one of such nascent projects. 

Per a recent press release, PlayEstates has launched a fractional ownership model which would allow gamers to earn real-world real estate as a reward for playing games on the platform. The PlayEstates team aims to ride on the prevailing play-to-earn [P2E] gaming model to build a revolutionary project capable of pioneering a shift in the billion-dollar blockchain gaming market. With the incorporation of real estate into the game, PlayEstates becomes the first real-world asset-backed gaming platform. 

PlayEstates is Enabling Gamers Build Wealth 

Real estate is an excellent opportunity to build wealth as one of the highest-selling markets globally. The PlayEstates team understands this and has made a suitable, adventurous, yet rewarding gaming platform that would allow gamers to earn a fraction of real estate. This model aligns with the gaming platform’s greater purpose of building a well-known community where members can connect, play games, and earn real money. 

Unlike P2E-based games, PlayEstates aims to bring real value to players by helping them acquire real-world assets through competitions. Gamers in the gaming universe must play games and engage in multiple activities to earn tokens. These tokens translate to part ownership of the real-world real estate. 

Barriers to Gaming and How PlayEstates Dispels Them 

Gamers spend lots of time playing games with nothing to show for it. The inability to make a lucrative living off gaming and other barriers to entry poses a massive problem for prospective professional gamers. 

On the other hand, the real estate industry presents a huge entry barrier for the average user. The down payments, time, taxes, agent commission, and hidden fees make it almost impossible for the younger generation to get in. The PlayEstates team is aware of these sticking points and aims to eliminate them through its P2E gaming platform. 

As the first real asset-backed P2E gaming platform, PlayEstates is linking one of the fastest-growing industries to one of the most potent investment vehicles. By integrating a fractional real estate ownership model for gamers and content creators, PlayEstates dispels the entry barriers in the professional gaming and real estate industries. Thus, allowing the younger generation to engage in certain activities online and build real wealth offline. 

The Genesis Membership Token 

The Genesis Membership Tokens are currently in the whitelist phase. There are presently 9,980 Membership Tokens, and each unlocks various ways of building a passive income. Split into divergent tiers, and each Genesis Membership Token provides you with different levels of lifetime, exclusive platform discounts. That’s not all; owning one of these tokens will qualify you for utility token airdrops, earn multipliers, rewards from several contests, and the ability to purchase and subsequently own PlayEstates fractionalized NFTs. 

These NFTs will not only have utility in the virtual world but also possess real value in the physical world—ownership represents ownership of real-world assets. 

PlayEstates is a community-first platform where community members tell them what to own, build, and play. As an additional feature, PlayEstates does not charge members for portfolio management. This distinct feature sets it apart from other P2E platforms. 

PlayEstates allows you to focus on playing games and building your portfolio. PlayEstates bridges the connection between digital metaverses to the real world. You can earn fractional NFTs and build your offline portfolio through competitions, contests, and engagements.


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