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First National Realty Partners Review

First National Realty Partners

First National Realty Partners is a private equity company that specializes in making investments in grocery-anchored commercial real estate with high foot traffic. Before being given consideration for inclusion in First National Realty Partners’ portfolio, investments must adhere to a stringent set of qualification standards.

Only deals thoroughly reviewed by experts and found to have potential will be displayed on the company’s platform. First National Realty Partners requires an initial investment of $50,000. Still, this sum is considerably less than a solo investor typically needs to invest in commercial real estate.

First National Realty Partners Is Best For:

  • Investors looking to protect their portfolio against volatility with a steady asset class
  • Investors aiming for long-term growth
  • Those looking for a completely passive investment opportunity
  • Accredited investors seeking alternative investments


  • The due diligence process is strong and effective
  • Quarterly cash distributions are accessible to partners
  • Deals close more quickly with the help of a 100 percent in-house investment process, which also ensures excellent value and control for investments.


  • It requires a minimum investment of $50,000
  • Only Accredited investors are eligible to use the platform for trading

First National Realty Partners’ Real Estate Investing

As a lone, everyday investor, commercial real estate can be a lucrative but challenging niche to enter. FNRP is a developing private equity company that focuses on giving accredited investors the chance to invest in the properties of grocery-anchored commercial real estate. FNRP focuses on buying properties with dependable, national tenants, particularly in markets where there is a need for them. Mentioned below are a few of the largest tenants currently residing in FNRP-owned properties:

  • Whole Foods
  • Kroger
  • Starbucks
  • McDonald’s
  • Walmart
  • Lowe’s
  • Publix

First National Realty Partners (FNRP) Customer Service

The following are some ways First National Realty Partners (FNRP) provides for you to get in touch with its investment team.

  • Over the phone: You can call First National Realty Partners and speak with a live person who is prepared to answer your questions. On the company’s website, no specific customer service hours are listed.
  • Via email: You can contact the First National Realty Partners (FNRP) staff via email with general questions.

Each page of the FNRP website also offers live chat services. To contact an FNRP representative, click the tiny purple speech bubble in the lower right corner of the page.

First National Realty Partners (FNRP) Pricing

The accompanying fee structure, which ranges between 0.5 and 1.5 percent with possible additional fees, varies based on various investment criteria, just like First National Realty Partners’ offerings vary.

The fee structure used is determined by the investment criteria for each offering. Before investing in a specific grocery-anchored real estate project, carefully read your investment documents to understand the fee structure. Accredited investors who make a minimum initial investment of $50,000 are eligible to purchase products from FRNP.

User Benefits of First National Realty Partners

First National Realty Partners (FNRP) may be a wise choice for accredited investors looking to invest in commercial real estate. The following are some of the most significant benefits you’ll enjoy as an FNRP partner.

1.   Triple Net Leases

First National Realty Partners (FNRP) concentrates on using triple net leases, allowing the company to pass costs to tenants 99 percent of the time. Triple net charges are added to the base rent tenants pay to keep FNRP’s operating costs minimum. As an investor, you pay fewer fees due to this practice.

2.   Live Deal Webinars

You will have the opportunity to participate in a live webinar with professional investors to learn more about a project once you find an investment opportunity you think you might be interested in.

Each webinar features a 20–30 minute presentation on the potential that First National Realty Partners (FNRP) sees in the project, followed by a Q&A session where you can ask FNRP’s investment committee any questions you may have.

3.   Tenant-Centric Approach

With its tenant-centered investment strategy, First National Realty Partners (FNRP) can build and maintain relationships with key executives at some of the biggest national businesses in the nation. Due to these connections, FNRP can explore business opportunities before other private firms and, using internal resources, close those opportunities more quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before Investing In FNRP’s Offerings, Do I Need To Be An Accredited Investor?

Yes. Only accredited investors are permitted to purchase FNRP offerings.

How Can I Fund My Investment?

Your investment can be funded by check or wire transfer.

What Transpires If A Deal Is Not Closed Or Funded In Full?

If a deal doesn’t close or get enough money, FNRP will give you back all of your money. However, to date, this has not occurred even once.

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Final Thoughts

First National Realty Partners (FNRP) is one of the best sponsors for investors looking to benefit from exceptional risk-adjusted returns among all the commercial real estate investment options available to accredited investors.

With First National Realty Partners (FNRP), you can access both on- and off-market high-standard institutional and commercial real estate investment opportunities. First National Realty Partners compete directly with these institutions to offer you deals that generate those superior passive returns by utilizing their relationships with top-tier national brand tenants.

Are you already considering exploring this platform? get started now!

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