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First Impressions Matter: Why Pressure Washing is Essential When Selling Your Property in Texas

We all know selling a house can be stressful. You’re thinking about price, marketing, location and legal paperwork – not pressure washing. But house preparation is vital in selling your home, and you might be surprised just how much a professional pressure wash could help.

With evidence that the housing market in Cypress, TX is returning to normal, it’s even more essential that you present your house at its best. With that in mind, here are five reasons why you should consider deep cleaning the exterior of your house with a professional pressure washer before selling.

  1. Pressure Washing Increases Curb Appeal

When your prospective buyer looks at your house, what do they see? If the answer is mold, grime, moss and bird poo, you aren’t giving a good first impression.

As the exterior of your house is the first thing people notice, you must keep it bright and clean for your prospective buyers. The walls, windows, roof and even driveway should appear as near to new as possible before you show people around. This allows the prospective buyers to be able to see themselves in this home as a blank canvas. The good news is that cleaning is easy – a professional pressure wash will fix the exterior of your home in no time.

  1. A Clean Home is Well-Maintained

Yes, first impressions matter. But pressure washing your home goes beyond first impressions and can actually save you money overall. As pressure washing removes substances likely to damage your house over time, it extends the lifespan of your property. Good exterior cleanliness doesn’t just resurrect the paintwork either – it also shows people that your house is well maintained.

Now your prospective buyer can walk up to your home, admiring the spotless windows and gleaming paint. Seeing the well-maintained exterior, they’re likely to assume you’ve taken excellent care of the house. It’s clean, bright, and in good working order. In other words, it has great appeal for those looking to buy.

  1. Dirty Homes Hide Damage

If your home is covered in dirt and grime, there’s no way for prospective buyers to know for certain what’s underneath. Sure, they could take your word for it. But why make them? A good, professional pressure washing before selling your home will show there are definitely no hidden problems that will cause issues later.

And if a pressure wash reveals that there’s a problem, you can fix it before people view your home. Prospective buyers are perceptive – the last thing you want is for them to spot a half-hidden problem and disregard your property. Having your house professionally cleaned beforehand will help you present an issue-free exterior.

  1. Clean Windows Allow More Natural Light

A professional pressure wash is not complete without window cleaning, and clear glass comes with benefits of its own. Not only will you be able to show off the view from your home, but you’ll also let in more natural light.

When showing people around your home, you want them to be able to see all the amazing features your house has to offer. If your windows are covered in dirt and grime, less light will enter your home and your rooms may appear dark or dingy. With professional cleaning using a power washer, your windows will be clear, and more light will brighten up your indoor spaces.

  1. Pressure Washing Showcases Move-In Ready Appeal

With the ease of move-in ready houses, many people look for new homes that will need little work done to them. Pressure washing a house’s exterior is a job, but it also allows you to showcase what little else needs to be done to your property.

A house exhibiting no damage, clean windows and bright paintwork will appear more move-in-ready than a house with all the same features hidden by dirt. A house that appears ready to move in from the outside is likely to be the same on the inside. The appeal of such a clean and well-functioning house may quickly win you a buyer based on curb appeal alone.

How do I deep clean the outside of my house?

Call a professional pressure washing company just like Pressure Washing Cypress, which uses eco-friendly solutions. Experts will ensure that your house is thoroughly cleaned and left looking ready to sell.

House Washing

Curb appeal is all about what’s visible, and there’s nothing more visible than your home’s external walls. Exterior house washing service removes the unsightly growth of mold, algae and mildew on your property using eco-friendly products and leaves it looking new.

Roof Soft Washing

A roof is one of the dirtiest parts of a building and they’re instantly noticeable once washed. A clean roof is an easy way to make a good impression, and our soft wash service provides a thorough clean while taking the appropriate care of your roof.

Window Washing

Our window washing service cleans the frames and tracks of your windows as well as the glass. After our visit, prospective buyers won’t just look through your windows, but at them too! With brilliantly clean frames your windows are bound to catch the eye of your prospective buyers.

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