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Fiori Giovanni, Announces Workshops To Help People Get Free From Destructive Patterns

Fiori Giovanni is famous for her resilience and mindset. With this workshop, she will help people tap into their own self-knowledge and free themselves from destructive patterns. 

Fiori Giovanni is a certified business and executive coach, self-directed healing practitioner, hypnotherapist, best-selling author, Kid Safe ambassador, a human rights activist, a media commentator, and keynote speaker.

She is organizing a series of workshops to help people tap into their own self-knowledge and break destructive patterns.

In this workshop, participants will learn:

– How to powerfully set their intentions at work and in their personal life. 

– How to enter the state they desire by understanding brain waves and other safe and widely used altered state techniques. 

– How to shift their PARADIGM, to the one that holds the trajectory of their  life and future. 

– How to move from being in their heads to being in their hearts in order to always be present and to operate from a coherent and productive state.

– Questioning their thinking patterns, which leads to better understanding of their peers, less hurt feelings, and making better decisions that will lead to better outcomes.

– Master the ability to easily enter a space of natural creativity and confidence and get the best results from every task, process, decision, and interaction.


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Australian companies lose a staggering thirty-four billion dollars a year due to their employees having a lack of motivation, productivity, focus, and creativity; not to mention taking unnecessary sick days. 

 The ramifications for a company’s bottom line are devastatingly measurable, but what about the damage to staff morale, interpersonal relationships, work culture, and the consumer perception of the company? This damage isn’t as easy to measure, and yet, creates a cost that is acutely felt in every lost sale, every missed deadline, every staff conflict, every divisive decision, every toxic interaction, and every unnecessary resignation.

 Fiori is the perfect example of how life is not about what happens in your life, but rather, how to manage it. And, how a mastered mind can be harnessed, during the good times and bad. 

Fiori was born in a war-torn African nation, and she overcame the challenges of a pubescent arranged marriage. She was mandatorily subscripted into the army as a teenager and clung to her life in a leaking boat full of refugees. 

These personal experiences shaped her to have the resilience to overcome challenges, the leadership to envision and define her goals, and the mindset to shift from a victim to a victor.  Now, Fiori shares a potent formula that empowers others to overcome problems, both big and small, through her books, speaking engagements and now through workshops. 

Fiori believes that mastering the mind is one of the most powerful gifts you can give to yourself, and your staff as a leader.  It is the best tool one can invest in for their organisation. A person who has mastered their mind is a person who is confident, patient, and creative. A person who is not riddled with self-doubt and insecurities.

She has been featured in several mainstream Australian media outlets such as The Age, The Herald Sun, Studio 10, F Magazine (a publication celebrating female success), She Defined, Women of Style & Substance, Sunraysia Daily, and countless other publications and news outlets.


Fiori is also the owner and CEO of My Mind Valley, an online product hub for those seeking fulfillment, confidence, and clarity through affirmations. My Mind Valley houses over 30 affirmation topics, which are available in audio, video, and eBook formats at

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