FintechFans Launches the Most Influential Person (MIP) in FinTech Award 2017

MIP Fintech Award 2017 is aimed at recognising Fintech industry professionals and experts who have shared their opinions and findings to support the fintech industry.

How to Nominate:

Anybody with a Twitter account can be nominated. And everybody can nominate candidates. Check out the nomination page for more information.


Visit the leaderboard page and login with your Twitter account to see the current vote counts, find your favorite FinTech Guru and help them to the first place.


What will the winners of the FintechFans Most Influential Person in FinTech Award win?

Please visit the award page for more information.

Fintechfans is one of the hottest fintech innovations Reshaping Fintech Recruitment in 2018.  The company is devoted to uniting freelancers and companies in the fintech job market.

The technology behind the platform is designed to link fintech job seekers and fintech companies in search of staff.  FintechFans wants to provide a decentralized staffing platform where companies and professionals can connect easily without going through a middleman.

It is a user-friendly platform that provides an effective way for professionals to find desired jobs on a freelance basis. Fintechfans uses Smart Contracts and blockchain technology to secure transactions between professionals and companies.

This award by Fintechfans helps to honour all men and women who have contributed immensely to the growth of the Fintech Industry through 2018 where it saw an amazing growth. A more detailed breakdown is accessible on the Fintechfans website.

Angela Scott-Briggs: Editor, | Interested in Innovations in Business, Finance, and Technology .
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