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Fintech startup aims to build one single platform for popular finanacial services

Popular Fintech Services

Exchase (Exchase OÜ) announced that it plans to build an all-in-one fintech solution that will bring the most popular fintech services and technologies under one umbrella. The Estonian based fintech company has been operating a cryptocurrency exchange, but now seeks to bring on board margin trading, token listing, crypto games, money transfer, binary options, social trading, crypto loans, a crypto wallet, a P2P exchange, and OTC trading services. Specifically, the revolutionary platform will have all these services under a single ecosystem, using a single user account.

Moreover, the platform will in future introduce novel cryptocurrency services such as cryptocurrency hedge fund, custody and staking to make it a comprehensive arena where clients can get all their crypto services.

To achieve this goal, Exchase:  

  • Launched its cryptocurrency exchange in November. 
  • In January 2021, the company will obtain its cryptocurrency license, open its bank accounts, and link them to liquidity providers. 
  • In March and April, the company will deploy Android version to Google and iOS to App store, respectively to facilitate native mobile apps. 
  • The platform will then incorporate margin trading in April, binary options in May, crypto loans in June, social trading in July, and a crypto wallet in August.

Platform Key Features

  • Several services under one roof
  • Personalized debit branded card
  • Large pool of trading assets
  • Anonymity of trades
  • Support crypto-fiat exchanges
  • Speed of transactions
  • Safe and secure platform
  • Simple registration process
  • Liquid Exchange
  • Referral system

Check out the MVP for more details: 

Crowdfunding details 

Freely traded ERC20 token 

Exchase will issue users with an Exchase platform token (EXSE) which is fixed at 200 million. The platform will run on the Ethereum blockchain and specifically, tokens will be bought by using only ETH via smart contract. 

The EXSE token will be available for trading on the top 30 cryptocurrency exchanges according to CoinMarketCap. The first round of private sale will commence on 15th December, 2020. 

Prudent distribution of funds

As already mentioned, EXSE tokens are limited to only 200 million. The platform has a prudent way of distributing them: 50 % will be channeled to the crowdfunding campaign, 25% will be channeled towards brand promotion, 17.5 % will be directed towards the development and modernization of the ecosystem, and finally, 7.5% will be channeled to the reserve fund. 

20 % of the profits generated from the platform will be dedicated to redeeming profits every quarter. 

Minimum tokens

The minimum numbers of token that will be purchased are 50 EXSE with a restriction of 1, 000, 000 EXSE on sale. After completing the transaction, users will receive their EXSE tokens to their personal wallets. The tokens will only be purchased using ETH.

Further details

MVP Website:

Token sale web:

White Paper:

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