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Fintech Lanistar to launch in Brazil targeting 3m customers in year 1

Fintech Lanistar

Fintech company Lanistar, the payment card and account provider built to match the Millennial’s lifestyle, is due to launch in Brazil as part of the company’s continued global expansion, with ambitions to sign up in excess of 3m customers in the country. 

Key Brazilian influencers supporting the Lanistar campaign include director and actress Camila Loures, with 15m followers on Instagram, actress Flavia Pavanelli with 18m followers and many other key local influencers including singer Gabi Martins, Arsenal player Willian together with Richarlison and Lucas Guimaraes. 

As part of its market strategy, Lanistar will partner with a fully regulated local provider to ensure full compliance with electronic bank accounts, customer onboarding processes, card issuer and transaction/KYC/AML monitoring. 

Since its global soft launch last year, Lanistar has already signed up over 155,000 pre-registered customers in the country and is backed by over 500 social media influencers who promote the brand online. 

Lanistar’s game-changing polymorphic payment account allows customers to stack cards into their account using the app which is available from the App Store and Google Play. 

The payment card is created for the way Millennials live – stacked payment cards for payment on tap, dynamic CVV2 for secure online transactions, Mastercard branded and accepted at 38m tills world-wide. Lanistar also limits the personal information displayed on their card to add another layer of protection for their customers. 

As part of its vision to become a £10bn+ fintech, Lanistar has taken the initial step of hiring in several new experienced big hitters into its senior team. Key figures include Bill Suglani, CFO, a former BP, KPMG and Open Banking executive, as well as Jeremy Baber, Director of Banking & Financial Services, who previously worked at GE Capital, Aldermore Bank plc and Link Financial. 

Lanistar currently has 100 employees across three office locations, in London, North Macedonia and Athens, but post launch will scale up to over 400 employees by the end of 2021. Since its soft launch last year, the company has achieved a total of over 228,000 Instagram followers and is backed by more than 3,000 social media influencers. The product, that is currently in alpha testing, will shortly move to exclusive beta testing, before a controlled rollout over the next 6 months. 

Gurhan Kiziloz, CEO, Lanistar, said, “Brazil is a fast-growing, dynamic market and we’re close to finalising an agreement with fully regulated partner to offer our services in the country. With over 155,000 pre-registered customers in the country, this will be a huge step in our company’s journey towards becoming a truly global fintech provider.”

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