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Fintech Giants Converge in Copenhagen for Money20/20, 2017 Europe Edition

Money20/20 LLC is a U.S. private company that organizes the largest global events focusing on financial technology innovation for connected commerce at the intersection of retail, mobile, data, technology, and marketing services. These events, also known as Money20/20, are key to the realization of disruptive ways of managing, borrowing and spending money by consumers. In just five years, money20/20 LLC has disrupted the status quo fundamentally, establishing an entirely new standard and scale of industry events. The company recognizes the prevailing reality in the financial services industry where we are in an accelerated period of product development characterized by the regulatory and technology-based disruption.

Money20/20 is well-established the United States, was launched in Europe in 2016 and is due to be launched in Asia in early 2018. Each year, money20/20 organises an event which is attended by fintench influencers. In 2016, one event was held in Las Vegas, United States and mainly focused on fintech, blockchain technology, and related regulatory aspects. Notably, some of the most respected figures in the cryptocurrency industry such as Brian Armstrong from coinbase, Perianne Boring of the Chamber of Digital Commerce, John Beccia of Circle and Vitalik Buterin from Ethereum attended and spoke at the event.  

In the same 2016, the firstmoney20/20 event in Europe was held and attended by 3,725 people, of whom 500 were CEOs of various companies drawn across 70 countries. There were 422 speakers, more than 200 sponsors, and 100 media partners. The unparalleled senior audience was comprised of luminaries and visionaries who built the ecosystem and those who are challenging and disrupting it.

This year, money20/20 has lined two events, one in Copenhagen, Europe and another in Las Vegas, United States. At the time of writing this article, the Copenhagen event has already commenced and will be coming to an end in a day’s time having been scheduled to take place between 26-28 June 2017. Indeed, it’s a world-class experience for the European Innovators as the event has brought together leading innovators across industries of all types with the aim of catalyzing the growth and development in the payments and financial services ecosystem. Those in attendance are individuals and representatives of companies that are disrupting how businesses and consumers manage, borrow and spend money.

This year’s agenda at the ongoing Copenhagen event include:

  • The strategic and commercial dilemma for POS
  • Adventures in AI
  • How to build next generation commerce business
  • Data and algorithm based innovation
  • Trends in mobile payments technology
  • The future of banking in Europe
  • Insurtech trends

In addition to the discussions, there are general addresses given by various leaders in the financial technology world, just to mention a few who have already spoken or are lined up to speak;

  • Jack Dorsey-founder and CEO of Square
  • Ashok Vaswani-CEO Barclays UK
  • Carlos Torres Villa-CEO BBVA
  • Rita Liu-head of EMEA, Alipay
  • Will Gaybrick-CFO, stripe

Later in the year between October 22-25, 2017 another money20/20 event will be held in Las Vegas, United States. In early 2018, the inaugural money20/20 Asia event will be held in Singapore between 13-15 March.

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