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FinoTrend Review [] – The Trading Platform For Success

Selecting the right trading platform is always necessary for starting a trading journey. If the platform is right, the journey is going to be smooth. The right platform must have the following three characteristics:

  1. Excellent user interface.
  2. In-depth technical analysis and charting tools.
  3. Wide range of account opening options.

FinoTrend comes along with all three of the above-mentioned features, among many others.

In this article, we’ll find out what’s so awesome about this particular trading platform that makes it stand tall amongst his peers.

Account Types for Every User

FinoTrend allows you to open five different types of accounts. They are:

  1. Beginner
  2. Trader
  3. Expert
  4. VIP
  5. Exclusive

Excellent features are provided across each and every type of account. Yet what is very crucial to understand here is the amount that you can go ahead with. The deposit amount varies with the type of account that you will be choosing.

While the beginner needs an account opening balance of 5000 euros, the exclusive account holders must submit 100,000 new euros to go ahead with the account.

Another important feature that differentiates between every account is the leverage being provided. Exclusive accounts come with the highest leverage, i.e 1:50. 

One exciting feature across all the accounts is the number of instruments that can be traded. It remains the same immaterial of the account are going ahead with. Isn’t it really good?

Depositing & Withdrawing Money

Three modes of account transfers are supported in FinoTrend. You can transfer the balance into your accounts using bank transfer, plastic money, and cryptocurrency.

Transferring money is not a big deal. The only catch here is that while you are withdrawing the money, it should be under the same mode of transfer.

For all the transfer methodologies, the conditions of transfer remain the same. So it’s quite flexible and really understandable that you can use any form of method to transfer the money to your account.

For withdrawing the money, you need to send in a request. The review gets accepted post which you can withdraw the amount.

Assets supported by FinoTrend

Multiple trading assets are supported by this trading platform. You can now have exposure to US stocks as well as gain an experience in the forex market. Currency pair trading is very popular here..

EUR/USD is the most popular currency pair being traded in FinoTrend.

This Trading platform also supports Energy & Metal trading, which gives an entry into the commodity market as well. 

Support by mentors

If you’re a beginner in trading, you really need support, but trading is not rocket science. You can improve your trading skills, through consistent education, and this is where we FinoTrend comes into play.

cool courses designed to help every beginner with their trading journey and consistent support by account managers make FinoTrend the smartest choice.

Final Words

Making the right choice when it comes to our trading platform is very important. Having a synchronous goal with respect to the organization’s goal is important when it comes to selecting one.

FinoTrend ensures that its client’s profitability and great user experience remain the #1 priority.

If you still did not sign-up yet, hurry up! 

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