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Finding a Perfect Audience: Why it Matters

The power of social media to reach many people from many places and backgrounds makes it an obvious choice for a brand that wants its name known. But when a brand isn’t conscious of who its message is directed to, it won’t reach the audience interested in what they offer.

To ensure that where your message goes on social media, you can only have your video play to a demographic, a specific group of people

The first stage is sending out your brand all over a social media platform. Then, you can narrow down on a specific type of person who responds well, slowly.

The key is to find what makes shoppers tick. If you know their behavior, you know how to grab their attention. If the intended buyers enjoy watching your ad, there is no need for unsavory click-baiting. Additionally, it’s important to not be rash but not static. Micro-adjustments. If one video runs well, don’t make every video just the same.

The advertisements shouldn’t ebb and flow with the view tide, consistency portrays a sense of integrity and connection in your brand. Learn more about finding a perfect audience in the following infographic below:

Finding A Perfect Audience
Source: Bang Productions

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