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Find Out How to Track an iPhone by Phone Number

If you google the ways to find the location with the help of a person’s phone, you’ll be shocked and confused by the number of options. Are they all valid and reliable? Let’s figure it out and discuss different ways you can use to track iPhone by number without being caught.

We know that the police can track anyone just with their phone number from movies and series. But, theoretically, it’s also possible in real life. The triangulation process allows mobile providers to find out the location of any user by comparing data from three different mobile phone towers.

In real life, things are a little more complicated. First, you need a court order to receive access to this information. You can’t just ask the mobile provider to give you the geolocation data of their client. Does that mean that tracking someone’s iPhone is impossible if you know only its phone number? Not at all. Special services are providing you with the required information.

Most Common Method to Track an iPhone by Phone Number

Let’s dive deeper into this topic and see all the possibilities you have to track iPhones by number. We can divide them into three large groups: spying apps, official iCloud services, and online solutions. In this article, we’ll cover all three groups of methods and analyze the most effective and straightforward way of iPhone tracking. 

How to Track an iPhone with uMobix

uMobix parental control app is an excellent solution for complex monitoring. It provides much more options than just location tracking. You’ll get access to text messages, call logs, social media, and other means of communication on the target device. In other words, you’ll get access to all sides of the person’s digital life.

One of the most exciting features of the app is the possibility of reading deleted messages. If you suspect that your partner is cheating or that your kid has some shady contacts, this function will give you the whole picture. There is no way they could hide something from you.

You can block them remotely from your dashboard if you find suspicious contacts. This person won’t be able to call or text the monitored user anymore. Don’t forget to check the device owner’s photos and videos received and sent. This function is handy if you want to catch the cheating partner.

The installed spying program works in stealth mode. It means that the device owner won’t be able to detect it. The software is optimized to consume as few resources as possible. At the same time, it provides you with almost all the data about smartphone usage.

The keylogger is one of the most valuable features uMobix provide. First, you’ll get all the credentials from the target person’s different accounts on their device. After that, you can easily log into them and check the communications yourself. You’ll also know if the person you track uses twin or fake accounts to hide some activities from you.

The only downside of this app is the necessity to have physical access to the iOS device you want to track to install a spying program. However, you’ll need up to ten minutes to complete the installation, so it’s not a significant problem. You can wait till your child or partner falls asleep and get their phone.

Online GPS Phone Tracker

Another technique for tracking an iPhone that works with most telecom carriers is to use an online GPS phone tracker. iPhone tracking by using cell tower triangulation, Wi-Fi connectivity, and GPS data. This technology allows the tracker user to locate a mobile phone’s position anywhere in the world.

Some of these apps are free, and you just input the phone number of the device you wish to monitor and hit the search button. The service will display the device’s approximate position on Google Maps. As a result, you may use this tool to locate a mobile phone without having to install a third-party program.

Track an iPhone from Your Web Browser (iCloud)

If you lost your iOS device or want to track a stolen iPhone, some official services are developed for this goal. You can do it easily on your computer or any other device. Of course, you’ll need your credentials to receive the required information.

Open iCloud in a web browser, log in and look for the Find My iPhone option. You’ll be able to see the current geolocation of your device on the map. If you know their login and password, you can use this service to find your child’s or spouse’s location.

If you lost the device and want to return it, send the notification with the available phone number on the lock screen from the iCloud browser interface. The person who will find the iPhone will see the text on the screen and will be able to contact you.

When you realize that the chances of returning the lost device are meager, you still have opportunities to protect your data and sensitive information. The last option provided by this service is to erase the files from the device and log out of the iCloud account. Unfortunately, in this scenario, further tracking will be impossible. But at least your personal data will be safe.

How to Track iPhone by Phone Number Online with GEOfinder Mobi

But what to do if you don’t have the iCloud credentials of the person you need to find and can’t get physical access to their phone? You still have the option. An online service GEOfinder Mobi requires only the phone number to locate a device. 

Type the target number in the dedicated field on the website. After that, come up with a text message, and the system will send it with the live link. As soon as the device owner follows the link in the message, you’ll see their exact geolocation on the map. You can enter the customized text or use the default variants.

This service is anonymous, and it doesn’t provide information about the sender. So the person you want to track won’t find out about your interest if you prefer. The great advantage of GEOfinder Mobi is its online interface. You don’t need to install any software risking to be caught.

Another benefit is time-saving. You can find out the location of the person in a matter of minutes, any time you need it. However, you should remember that only 1 message can be sent every 3 hours. To track iPhone by number with GEOfinder Mobi, choose a subscription plan on their website, pay a fee, and you are good to go! 


Is it illegal to track someone’s phone without their knowledge?

You have a right to control your children’s whereabouts and their device use. You can tell them about your actions or keep them secret. The law allows you to keep an eye on your kids’ activities. In other cases, like with GEOfinder Mobi, the user confirms sharing their location data by following the link, so it’s legal. Feel free to track iPhone by number and have no worries.

How to track my boyfriend’s location by phone number for free?

The best way is to find out their iCloud credentials and use the Find My iPhone option. You can also ask him to share his location with you. Unfortunately, the great majority of tracking services require some fee. But your peace of mind is much more valuable, so sometimes it’s worth paying a little.

How to stop my iPhone from tracking my location and manage each app’s location tracking?

Make sure that you cancel each app’s access to the geolocation data in iPhone settings. Don’t tell anyone your iCloud password and login, and don’t let your device off-hand. This way, no one can install spying software on it, and you’ll be safe. Also, be careful following the links in the texts and messages. This way, you can share your data with fishing services or provide your GPS information to another person.

How do I find a lost iPhone?

The best free way is to use the official Find My service provided by iCloud. Log into your account in any browser, and in a few seconds, you’ll see where your iPhone is at the moment. In addition, you can use other useful features to protect the information stored on the device and even erase it if the risk of third-party access is too high.

Summing Up

There are many reasons for you to track someone’s device. Most of the time, the situation involves concerns about the safety of your loved ones. As a parent, you bear the responsibility for your children’s well-being, including controlling their environment and contacts. As a spouse, you have every right to dispel your suspicions.

This article covered all the ways to track the device and gave examples of the services you can resort to. There are much more various apps developed for monitoring and controlling. We described only the reliable and trustworthy services. If you want to try other apps to track iPhones by number, make sure it’s not a scam and the service is legit. Read the users’ feedback and reviews on the Internet to determine if the service is worth trying.

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